Fine, I'll Join the Stupid Guild

During a moment of weakness yesterday (directly after Rob agreed to buy baby clothes), I conceded in our argument about Everquest2.  Rob is now “allowed” to download the Online game, with a few rules:

  1. He’s only allowed to play for one hour a day
  2. He has to pay for his subscription out of his allowance (yes, we each get $50 to spend on anything we want, no questions asked, per month)
  3. This is a one month trial
  4. I get access to the computer when I want/need it (within reason)
  5. I get to pull the plug on this at any time in the future.  If he starts to play more than an hour a day, or our lives get so busy that an hour a day on the computer takes away from “family time”, he must quit playing (or significantly reduce the amount of time he plays – we are to agree on this)
  6. I get veto power on the time of day that he plays.  So, no late night games (because I like it when we go to bed at the same time), and no playing directly after work (because I like some interaction after being apart all day).

So, you might think that I’m being pretty tyrannical about this… but I think that if you truly understood Rob’s history with online games… you would be to.

I feel confident with this arrangement… although, I should probably draft up a “contract”… Just in case. 😛