Finger Eleven – Them vs. You vs. Me

Last night, I finally managed to get my hot little hands on the new Finger Eleven CD, Them vs. You vs. Me.  I’ve only scanned it (last night I didn’t feel like laying around listening to a new CD), and I’ve actually listened to the first 6 songs.

I’ve liked Finger Eleven for a long time, since back in the day, when they were called the Rainbow Butt Monkeys (I used to love watching their video on Muchmusic… you know, when they played videos).  While I’m not an avid fan, and haven’t bought any of their previous CD’s, I’ve always enjoyed it when they’ve come on the radio.

They’ve had a number of CD’s, and have had reasonable success here in Canada.  Mostly, I think, with their last album and the song “One Thing”, and now with their newest release, and the single “Paralyzer”.

I know they take a lot of heat as their sound tends to change from CD to CD (although it’s somewhat arguable that their sound tends to change from song to song, even).  I think that this indicates more versatility than many of the bands that are out now where each and every song from each and every album sound exactly the same.  I mean, even when Blink 182 broke up, both of the resulting bands (Plus 44 and Angels and Airwaves) sound distinctly familiar and similar to Blink 182.  I guess that I think that change marks growth, and not necessarily the desire to “sell out” or whatever.  And it might be that I get tired of listening to the same darn thing all the time, you know?

They’ve been pretty innovative with their marketing in the last couple of years, jumping on the Youtube bandwagon, for certain.  They’ve put all their own videos up, and I assume that this makes it legal (and not a copyright infringement), although I don’t actually know the rules of IP that well.  I think it’s pretty smart, as it gets them out there without having to spend loads on marketing.  I mean, not everyone watches Youtube, but when I wanted to hear Paralyzer again… I went to Youtube, as I figured that it would be on there.  I was pleasantly surprised to see an entire channel made by the band, so they could do vlog updates and stuff, in addition to just uploading their music videos.   You can also go to their website and listen to some of their stuff, which is quite cool (FYI – if you go to their site, be prepared, I’m pretty sure that the music just starts playing randomly).

I do have to say that my favourite song so far (minus Paralyzer, because it’s just so darn catchy) would have to be I’ll Keep Your Memory Vague.  It’s kind of melancholy and sad-ish, so it matched my mood this morning 🙂  I also have to say that I didn’t like So So Suicide.  Not sure why, but there you go.

Anyway, so far I like the CD, so I will keep listening to it.  They are coming to town in May (I think), and I would really like to go.  I just wish that it wouldn’t end up costing us $100 (Um, I like to buy t-shirts?), and that we could squish that in somewhere.  Maybe we can.  It’s going to be at a place where I should be able to find a chair (and my book says the occasional concert is ok for Kitten).  We’ll see.