Epic Item

Firstly, an update:

Last night, I took my new king sized pillow (Thank you, Ikea!  For supplying me with large, floofy pillows for $15 each!), and slept on my belly in the “runner” position with the pillow slightly stuffed under my belly.  It seemed to work.  I still woke up a lot, but I didn’t wake up in crunchy hip pain so hurrah.  I did, however, dream that everyone gave me itsy bitsy bikini’s for the new baby (which I am vehemently against).   So there you go.  Hopefully this will remain comfortable for another month or so, when I will certainly be in the same situation as my tummy grows and grows.


Did I mention Hanna and Craig came to visit us this weekend, and that it was FABULOUS?  Well, it was.  Did I also mention that Craig is a horrible influence?  No?  Oh, well, then let me (teasing Hanna – you know we love him!).  While doing some male bonding, Rob decided to download EverQuest on to our computer.  He very shamefacedly admitted this to me while our company was in town, and I told him it was fine, but that he must delete it by the time the weekend was over.

Let me give you some backstory.  I love my husband very much.  I love that we can both be home and be doing different things in the house and be pretty happy.  I also love that he’s very devoted to me, and for the most part, will drop what he is doing to spend time with me.  I think that’s awesome.  Rob has not always been that way.  Back in the day, during university (that time period, not necessarily WHILE he was studying for his degree) he used to be a Gamer.  And, a Gamer with a capital G.  Not just a guy who played for fun, but one of those guys that would play for 18 hours just to level up.  The kind of Gamer who would end up with UTI’s because they refused to get up and pee (not that this specifically happened to Rob, but just to give you a general idea).  The kind of Gamer that didn’t have a girlfriend because no girl would put up with losing a boyfriend to a video game for most nights of the week, and certainly all weekend.   So.  Rob knew that he had a problem with these MMORPG’s.  When he finally gave up EverQuest, I think he pretty much said that he’d never play again.  In fact, when World of Warcraft came out, he told me that he didn’t think that he should buy it because he’d spend too much time playing.  He said that he didn’t think that he should have any more online games like that, because they were a waste of time, and he just didn’t want to invest himself that way.

Well, guess who informed me the other day that he was going to sign up for EverQuest so he could do some “male bonding”.  I’m a little frustrated because he’s now put me in the “Bad Wife” position, because I know that a year or two ago, he didn’t want to be involved in that again.  So, I’ve put my foot down.  No MMO’s will enter our house.  None will live on our computer.  We have nearly 200 console games in our loft, and Rob does have Oblivion, Far Cry and Doom 3, if he feels the need to get on the computer to play games.  I refuse to join GameWidow.com (which, is actually a pretty cool site).  I will not sacrifice my marriage on the altar of Massive Multiplayer Online Games.  I won’t allow ourselves to fight about who gets the computer when, how much time has been played for this week, or what chores might need doing.  I did not sign up for marriage to a Gamer (yes, I did marry someone who loves videogames, but he was not someone who would dedicate HOURS and HOURS to it).  I will not raise our child alone because he needs to level up.

Granted, I’m being slightly dramatic.  I am sure that Rob would be aware of what is going on in the house and not neglect his duties.  I know that he wouldn’t really neglect the baby, when she’s born.  But why should I give him the opportunity?  Why should we allow something that we know might injure our relationship in our house?  Am I being completely unreasonable?  I am totally ok with his videogame playing when he uses the game cube – I think it’s far less encompassing than these MMO’s, as he’s mainly only competing against himself and the computer – no need to play for hours at a time to keep his levels up (compared to other players).

Why can’t they build a game, like an online game like World of Warcraft, where it automatically logs you out after two hours, and prevents you from logging back in for at least 18 hours or so?  Gah.