Two Joints in the Morning

I have two very painful joints in the morning. No, not joints, I mean joints. You know, the ones that hold up all that junk inside my trunk or my lovely lady lump? Yes, my hips are shot all to heck. I would like to say that I have no idea why they are all sore, but that’s totally not true! I blame it all on the wonders of pregnancy and hormones. I love hormones (I know, I know, Revelation 21:8), but seriously now.

Help! I need somebody! Do you have any suggestions on how I might find some relief (and, possibly, sleep)? This is what I have tried while laying on my side:

  • 1 pillow between my knees and ankles
  • 1 very thick cushion between my knees and ankles
  • 1 very thick cushion between just my knees (letting my ankles touch)
  • Laying with my bottom leg bent and the top leg straight, with no pillows
  • Laying curled up with no pillows between the knees, etc.
  • Laying with my bottom leg straight and my top leg curled up on top of a pillow

I have found that my hips and back are most comfortable when I lay half way on my side, and half way on my belly with one leg bent and slightly curled up (like I’m climbing in my sleep), but I can feel the baby too much this way, and I worry that I’m squishing her (poor Kitten! Squashed before she was even born!).

I can sleep in each of those ways listed above, but I find I wake up every hour or two because DEAR SWEET CRACKERS THE PAAAAIIINNN!!! And then, I hobble all morning, until all the kinks are worked out. ::sigh:: Is there any relief? I have even tried sleeping on my back, but it makes me light headed and kind of dizzy (poor Kitten! No blood for her, even before she’s born!), so I try to stay off back, as recommended.

So, dear friends – have you any suggestions, other than suck it up princess? Because I can understand that maybe, maybe there is no relief until poor Kitten is born… but I do hold out a wee bit of hope that there might be something, anything (besides, you know, two joints) that could help.


We have discovered that I can not stack my books double thick (ie. one row of books behind another row of books) on the shelves in the spare bedroom/future nursery. This causes the entire shelf to rip out of the wall and fall crashing all over the floor. This, then causes Rob to race up the stairs like THE END OF THE WORLD, and me to still not think coherently after waking up from a (very painful) nap. However, it has helped me realize that sometimes Rob just needs a little bit more information (I had them double stacked, that’s why it fell down), and that sometimes he gets cranky when I’m non-communicative and he thinks that I have Died or something (thus, the rushing upstairs). On the plus side, our company had already left for home, so no Hanna’s or Craig’s were hurt from my stupidity (it also means that I get new, prettier shelves for the nursery – hooray! And, that we will probably now buy the bookcases that we so desperately need, instead of shoving them all over the house).


Munchkin Bites is possibly the best game ever, and I can’t wait to pick up the second one, Pants Macabre! As an aside – Hanna, what happens if you run away? If you successfully run away, does the Bad Stuff happen, or is that only when you fail to run away? The rules are very unclear, and I had to play the I Own The Game and The Rules Say I Get Final Say card, and I was instructed to ask. Because, dude, it could have ended our marriage (this is why we rarely play games against each other, both of us like to win FAR TOO MUCH).

In the same vein, Danse Macabre? Is a terrible book. If you feel the need to read it (and why? Why oh why?), get it from the library. I am only a hundred or so pages in, and it’s all about this baby that may or may not be brought into the world of Anita Blake. And? I take issue with the fact that the series is still called Anita Blake Vampire Hunter… unless of course they mean that she hunts vampires down just to shag them silly. So tired of this series (I honestly thought it might not be so bad, I mean, Micah wasn’t too bad… but Pants Danse Macabre is pretty horrid). I’ve started to call it Pants Macabre, in the English sense of “pants = crap”. Yeah, that’s how I roll – I won’t put down the book, but I’ll make fun of it.


I had a fantastic weekend with Hanna and Craig, and I hope that they had as much fun as we did. I know that we probably won’t get together again until next year sometime (after Kitten is born, and all), which totally sucks… but yeah. Me + belly + futon = hell. Plus, there’s just something about traveling to Far Off Land (aka BC) that I just don’t want to do (with a huge belly, meaning). So, I will miss you, but we will talk on the phone, like, every week or day or something. Because I still have my awesome long distance plan. It is awesome, and you are jealous, just admit it.

We did all sorts of fun things, like went out for FANTASTIC food, where I forced Hanna (at gunpoint, of course) to have a lovely squishy fruit drink (if I couldn’t have one, then SOMEONE should), the boys put on an easter egg hunt for us (with the chocolate! Oh, the chocolate! If I end up with gestational diabetes, I blame it all on Easter!), playing of the aforementioned Munchkin Bites, plus a wonderful dinner party with some mutual friends. Hurrah! It was fun.

Well, look at that – time to eat (again), so I am off to fill my face feed my baby. Ciao!