Another Unfortunate Tour Through My Dreams

You’ll be pleased to know that I have been having far less of the raping-torturing-running from people dreams.  I guess switching to watching and reading “happy” stuff has helped somewhat.

I did have a dream Sunday night about Rob swimming in pool of water that had sharks or something, and I was mad because he wasn’t thinking about what could happen if he was bitten (and died, or something).  I guess I worry about what would happen to me and the baby if something did actually happen to Rob.  I know that there is no way I could afford to stay in our house and keep our car and stuff like that, so somewhere in my head I worry.

Last night, I had a hilarious dream.  Well, it was hilarious to me.  I tend to have dreams that morph into different dreams (or at least they do when I wake up), so I’ll give you a few snippets from last night.

First, I was hanging out with Cally from Grey’s Anatomy.  She was super cool, except that she wanted to play with a Oiji board, and I refused.  So we painted each other’s nails and did makeovers instead (apparently, we thought that we were still in jr. high).   I’m not sure why I dreamed about her, except that maybe I have a bit of a girl crush on her, and if I look like anyone in Hollywood, I would totally want to look like her.  I think she’s smokin’.  Anyway, we were hanging out, then a bunch of our/her friends came over, and this guy I had dated a few times was there too.  Funny – he had tried to grow long hair (like an inch long), but his hair was so thin and receding so badly that it looked hilarious.  He was bald when I knew him.  Anyway, I got to tell him that I was pregnant, and I was very proud of that fact (for some reason) and he was super jealous.  I have no idea why, but there it was.

After that, the dream changed, and suddenly, I was running around naked.  For some odd reason, I was ok with this.  I was out with a bunch of people who were all wearing clothes, but they didn’t seem to care all that much that I didn’t have my clothes on.  Except there was this guy (that I used to know from my old church) who kept taking pictures of me.  That, for some reason, totally irritated me, and I went all ballistic on him.  So, I stole his digital camera, and once I finally figured out how to make it work, I was able to erase the pictures he took of me.  I remember looking at one and thinking “wow, my butt looks great from behind!” which is TOTALLY hilarious, because I’m not a fan of The Kait being naked, and especially NOT in front of people (with or without cameras).  So, funny.

There was another part of my dream that had to do with a malfunctioning elevator, and how I ditched on a floor and ran down several flights to my floor and got lost because I refused to go in the elevator again (I think I was still naked).  I tend to dream about broken elevators a lot, so this wasn’t out of the ordinary.  After I found my room (in the hotel with the elevator), Rob was there, so I got to tell him what happened, about Jon being jealous of our baby, and this guy taking pictures of my naked butt.  And?  Rob didn’t even notice that I didn’t have clothes on.  WEIRD!!!

I’ve decided – no more ice cream before bed!