Friday Fiver – The Interweb

1. What web browser do you use?

Both Firefox and IE.  It depends on what mood I’m in, what I’m doing online or where I am.  At work, I always use FF.  Don’t know why, but I do.  At home, I flip between IE and FF.

2. What email client do you use?

I have a hotmail account that I use mainly for MSN (although I am rarely on), Yahoo Mail (for all my spam and online stuff), Gmail (for personal emails), and I also use Lotus Notes at work.  Not really a fan of LN, but what can you do?

3. What type of Internet connection do you have at home?

We have highspeed cable.  It’s been pretty dependable, but the DSL hub just moved across the street from us, so it’s kind of tempting to switch back.  I doubt we will, but the option is there!

4. What kinda of computer do you have?

Um, one that Rob and I built?  All I know is that the case is called a LAN-boy, and it came with a strap to take to lan parties.  We have a small-ish BenQ monitor (flat panel), and Altec speakers.  I also know that we bought the best videocard two years ago… the Geforce 8, maybe?  Anyway, I used to tell people that my videocard could beat up their videocard.  Yeah, I made a few boys cry.

5. When did you first get ‘online’?

Hmmm… Probably ’98 or ’99.  It was mostly for email and to chat.  I started my own webpage in 2000, it was  I have no idea what’s there now, probably nothing, as I never renewed the domain name.  Or maybe someone else bought it.  I started my blog three and a half (I think) years ago, when Hanna told me about  I had a good home there for a long time… and then I moved “up” in the world with my own domain name, and a fancy blog type thing.  I have made so many lurvely friends online.  I love it!