Post By Number

For the sake of easy reading and quick organization, behold! The numbered post!

1. Hey, have you met my sister? You should. She’s super. She doesn’t update on a daily basis, but she usually has something interesting or amusing to say. She’s pretty busy with two kids and a house to keep, but I like to check her site daily, just in case she posts something that I can make fun of interesting. No, I’m kidding. She’s a great girl. Check her out!

2. I keep having dreams about people who intend to rape me. We never get to that part of the dream, but I always know that they are going to try, and I always tell people, and no one ever believes me. It’s really annoying, actually. I guess that I should just start reading only happy and light books instead of some of the “downer” books I’ve been reading lately. None of them have been dealing with rape, but sometimes they’re just not quite as light as maybe my hormones need. A girl friend at work said that she was the same way – if she read anything “serious”, she would have horrible dreams, but if she stuck to cartoons, chick lit and romance books that her dreams wouldn’t be quite so bad. I think that I’m going to try that approach. This means:

3. I am going to have to put down Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon. I’ve never done this before. I’ve seriously never started a book that I didn’t finish. I’ve never stopped reading partway through (at least not for longer than a week or two), and I’m thinking that I’m not going to pick this one up until I’m in the clear as far as Post-Partum Depression goes. It’s not that it’s a horribly depressing book – I’m sure that it ends quite well. But it wasn’t until after I picked it up that I remember how much Outlander resonated with me, and how… emotionally drained I felt after it was done. I think I had to read several Georgia Nicholson books after just to recover. I’m not really ready to go there again, so I’ll switch to something else. I’ve got some books about kids to read, plus I usually keep a pretty good stack of paranormal romance or other “girlie” books around.

4. We got to visit with our neighbours last night. We’ve been trying to hang out with them for a while, so it was really great to see them. We don’t know them overly well, and in some ways they’re not “our type of people”… but it’s good just to be with people that we don’t know really well or don’t have tons of history with all the time. Do you know what I mean? Because Rob and I are both pretty much homebodies, we tend not to keep friends that we don’t have a lot in common with. We’re just too lazy (I think this reflects poorly on us, and I’m trying to work on it, but it’s kind of an uphill battle, some days). So, it’s been nice to be able to pursue a friendship with D & F from next door. They had a baby 3 months ago, a little boy. The other couple on our other side had a boy last fall, so we had a good discussion about how the two of them (our four neighbours) have been talking about who’s going to win her (our baby’s) heart. I was sad to inform them that she’s all but married off. We had a good laugh, and D made us some pretty great pie. I ended up drinking too much water, though, and had to pee several times last night. ::sigh:: Oh well!

5. I’ve been tagged by Carrisa to list my seven most favourite songs. So, here’s my list: Paralized by Finger Eleven, Bravo God by Jamie Smith (if you like contemporary Christian music with a worship leader’s heart, you’ll love Jamie. She’s kind of Melissa Ethridge sounding, so I instantly fell in love with her), Time Bomb by Rancid, Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo Ole’ (a guy who was from Hawaii), Teardrop by Massive Attack, Map of the World by 30 seconds to Mars, and Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance. I now tag My Kids Mom, Bex, and Teachbroeck. Go!