Baby Cows

Well, my calves are officially pregnant.  They’re starting to look bad in my knee boots, which is bad.  I can’t tell if they are swollen or just fat, although it really doesn’t matter because they’re not getting any smaller in the next 4 months!  Oh well.  It’s not the worst thing in the world, I was just lamenting this fact when I was putting on my boots this morning.

I had a minor moment of panic on the way home from work today.  I was thinking that taxes were due March 31, and having a bit of a freak out, as that is the end of the week.  It’s actually not that bad – they’re not due until April 30th, so I’m safe.  Phew!  Rob’s put the taxes in my hands this year, as I’ve got Mary Kay stuff to take care of.  I don’t know if we’ll see much of a tax break, but it would be nice if we did.

My belly has reached the super itchy stage.  I try not to scratch, and just put more cream on, but it’s not working so far.  Luckily, no stretch-marks as of yet, but I’ve still got a loooooong time and way to go/grow. 

This week is Salad Week.  You should all join me in it.  At every lunch and dinner, the main course has to be salad (with fun stuff like cheese, nuts, chicken/meat of your choice, good dressings, fruit, etc. so it’s not boring) with other supplimented things (I’ll be having a piece of toast with my dinner salad.  And then a snack or two before bed).  I’m going to try and see if this makes my “system” run any better, and maybe I can slow down some of the weight gain that I’ve seen this past month.  I haven’t stepped on the scale since my Dr’s appt a couple of weeks ago, and I’m kind of scared.  I’m pretty sure that I’ve topped 180 lbs. and I’m just not sure if I want to know yet. 

Oops!  Baby’s kicking me in the bladder – got to go!