Friday Fiver – Not every saint is a fool

1. What do you dream about?

Um… I dream about lots of different things.  Last night, I had two dreams that I can remember this morning.  The first one, I was staying with my sister and my step-sister at someone’s house.  I think it might have been my mom’s but not the house she actually lives in, you know?  Anyway, this guy broke in and tried to rape us, but I kept punching him in the face (I know!  Weird.) and eventually called the cops to come and get him.  Once they got to the house, though, they refused to take him away.  So irritating.  After that dream, I had a different dream where Rob had decided to do jaw surgery on my dad for some reason.  Thing is that Rob only had a few tools and a set of instructions, but he totally thought he could do it.  I was really mad at Rob for wanting to do the surgery, and mad at my dad for agreeing to do it.

2. Who has been mean to you, lately?

I can’t really think of anyone who has been mean to me lately.  I’m not really surrounded by people who would be mean.

3. What makes you tremble in fear?

I don’t know of anything that would actually make me tremble in fear.  I mean, I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve been trembling in fear.  I think that if I was in a crashing plane, that would cause me great fear, drowning or near drowning would cause great fear.  That’s all that I can think of.  I’m not really afraid of losing my baby, but it would upset me greatly.  I’m afraid of having a c-section.

4. Tell us something you’ve destroyed:

Um… I’m sure that I have destroyed relationships in my past.  I can’t think of any material things that I have “destroyed” per se.

5. Do you feel in control over your life?

Yes and no.  I feel like I have power in my life, and that I can make things happen.  I also feel like I can control own actions (if I chose to), and that I can control my decisions (if I chose to).  I don’t feel that I have the ultimate control in what happens to me and what direction my life takes.  I think that’s God’s responsibility.