All About my Ultrasound

First things first – I drank what I guess to be the required amount of water. See? I have this cute and happy Tinkerbell slurpee cup from Disneyland. I assumed that it’s about a litre, but looking at it now, I think it’s a little less. Regardless, I had a sufficient amount of liquid in my bladder when we started. Even though I didn’t feel like I had to pee too badly. Half way through, the tech couldn’t get any more good shots of the baby and told me that I had to completely empty my bladder to get some good spine pictures of our little bundle (or our little Red October, as Rob likes to call it). So ha! I didn’t have to do the pee halfway and then stop!

Anyway, we got there early, and they took me to a little room to change into a hospital gown. I had a hard time putting it on because I couldn’t tell if she wanted me to put it on forwards or backwards, but I used my logic (what little I have) and put it on forwards, as I thought I could flip it open to my belly if required. After I got it on, I figured I would have to sit and wait in the little change room, but I didn’t. While I was changing, they took Rob to a waiting room, which I didn’t know. I thought he was still standing out in the hallway. Lucky for me, I didn’t try to strike up a conversation with him!

The nice tech came and took me to a somewhat dimly lit room with a bed and all the fancy machines. First, I was all “uh, where is my husband? Can I go get him” because I didn’t know that they did the first part with just the mom, then they bring the dad in for the fun part. I had a bit of a laugh and joked around with her about the moisture pad they had on the bed (you know, like you use with a new puppy?). She said that she’s never had an instance that it’s been used, but you never know, right? So I jumped on the table, hiked my gown up around my boobs, while she covered my lower half with a sheet. It was kind of cozy, but I could have used another pillow – I hate feeling like I’m laying flat when I’m not in a real bed.

I was pretty happy with the jelly they use – it was warm! I don’t know if it was a “warming sensation” type jelly or if it was just heated, but regardless, I was expecting a big splatter of cold jelly. She said that our baby was very cooperative, and laid in all the right spots, up until her last couple of pictures. She asked if I wanted to know if it was a boy or girl, and I said that I would wait until Rob was with me so we could find out together. Look at my self-control! I was acting like a real adult! Anyway, the baby was great up until the very last couple of pictures, and at this point the tech had me empty my bladder, which I was more than happy to do! She managed to get the last couple of shots in and measured the heart beat, and then brought Rob in.

The heartbeat is 147, which she said is slightly lower than average, but still within good range. And the best part? She told us it was a girl! So not only could she not see boy parts, she had some good indications of girl parts! Yay! I’m very excited, and frankly VERY RELIEVED!!! Now I don’t have to stress out about a boys name, and we can go ahead with our planned girls name. So while I thank you for all your input and suggestions, it looks like I won’t really need them… at least not for this baby! I’ll definitely look back on them if we have a boy later in life!

My mom went shopping at lunch. All of 0.5 hours after she found out it was a girl, and bought the cutest little outfit for her. Then proceeded to “suggest” that it’s the perfect going home from the hospital outfit. And I have decided! And I am putting my foot down – I get to buy the outfit that our baby is coming home in, so then there is no squabbling about who we love best (when we should know the answer to that already – the baby!). But it is super cute, and I can’t wait to get it on her. The only thing that’s missing is a little hat! I’ll have to take a picture of it later.

Ok, here are the ultrasound pictures, enjoy! Click on the picture to visit my Flickr site, where you can see the picture much bigger, plus with the notes that I’ve put in.

3D Ultrasound