So.  Hawaii.  On Saturday we went snorkeling at Hanama Bay, which was a total blast.  Unfortunately, we haven’t finished our underwater camera, so I have no pictures for you at this point, but I’ll try to describe everything that I can.

We got into a 15 passenger van with a dozen other people to take us from our hotel up to Hanama Bay.  It was a beautiful drive (as most are, in O’ahu), even though it was already hot and stuff at 10am.  Our driver was hilarious and kept making jokes with us all the time.  We got to stop on a nearby beach to collect our equipment.  I wanted to buy an underwater camera, and he asked if I had a coupon.  I said no (as I didn’t), and he had to ask me two more times before everyone in the van said “YES”, so he gave me the discounted price.  It was kind of funny, but I was just trying to be honest!  When we got there, the driver said that he forgot to let some of us out, as he’s only supposed to bring in 8 people at a time (what kind of rule is that?  Weird!), so he made the couple of kids duck down.  The kids, who looked like honest kids, didn’t know what to do.  So funny!

Anyway, we got in, and had to watch a video on how to treat the fish and the coral and all that good stuff.  It was pretty interesting, including the scare tactics employed to keep us the heck off the coral, and to keep us close to the shore.  Apparently the closer to the mouth of the bay you get, the less likely you’ll live through the day.  Fun!  Anyway, the coral is super important, as that’s where the fishes eat and stuff, so every time you step on it, you kill the food… which means that there’s less food for the fishes the next day.  Let me tell you – the whole bottom of that bay is coral, and it’s only about 2′ below the surface of the water!

We had to walk down a giant hill to the bottom, where we rented a locker for our purses, and then strapped on our gear to go.  I found it much easier this time, to put my face in the water and stuff… but Rob’s sister had the hardest time, and it wasn’t until we figured out that her mask wasn’t tight enough… then we finally got out there!  We were swimming around looking at the fishes and have a great time.

So picture this:  Rob is about 15′ in front of me, face down in the water.  I’m star-fished and not really going anywhere, just watching all the fantastic bright fishes swimming around (and swimming up to me!  Seriously!), and Tricia and Shawn are about 20′ behind me, playing with Tricia’s mask (still).  I’m all calm and relaxed and hanging out, and suddenly a big hand grabs my entire left butt cheek and squeezes twice.  Not just an “oops, I was swimming and accidentally touched your butt because I was face down in the water” but an “hey, there’s a nice piece of ass, I’m going to have me a grope!”  I whirled around to see if it was Rob (he’s not a bum grabber, but you never know) and it was this creepy older guy who kind of smiled at me funny than swam away!  Due to my snorkel being in my mouth I didn’t get a chance to yell or get mad or anything before he got away.  Dude.  I got groped by the Hanama Bay Pervert!  I swam over to Rob to hold his hand in hopes that the guy wouldn’t come back.  I told Rob at that time that someone grabbed my bum, and he shrugged it off, I guess he didn’t really hear me, or he had his stupid filter on and wasn’t really listening.

The rest of the day went by fine, and I was grumbling about being groped by a dirty old man for pretty much all of it.  But get this – Rob didn’t really understand what I was saying UNTIL WE GOT HOME!!! And then he’s all “Someone grabbed your butt and squeezed?  In the water?  Why didn’t you tell me?”  That’s when I killed him.  Or at least, I went cross-eyed and said “that’s what I’ve been talking about all week, dork”.

On Sunday we went to the Honolulu Zoo, which was such a treat.  I have tons of pictures in my flickr page, so I would recommend that you have a gander, if you haven’t already.  I don’t have them all up yet, so I’ll let you know when I post the rest.  My favourite exhibit was the aviary (I think), where they kept all the birds.  There were so many different pretty birds.  I got pooped on, but I didn’t even mind because it was so pretty!  And really, it was only a little bit on my shorts, not on my skin or anything.  I also liked seeing all the big cats, and all the turtles/tortoises – they had a lot.   Carolyn – they had guinea pigs as one of their animals!  I took some pictures, and once they’re uploaded, I’ll let you know!  It was very very hot this day, and I found it hard to be outside in the heat and humidity, but I obviously got through it.  I think one of my favourite things about the zoo was that they had all sorts of huge banyan trees.  If you haven’t seen them, it’s like they shoot off vines down to the ground that become more trees.  Most of the time, the trees don’t separate, so it just gets to be a big, multi-branched trunk.  Pretty cool, actually.

We had a hard time finding the tiger in her cage, but we did in the end.  They had her mate or family member (I couldn’t tell which, and there were no signs) in a small cage attached to her cage, so she was back there pacing with him.  I felt bad, as it reminded me of my cats when they’re separated… they just sit at the door where the other cat is and meow and stick their paws under the door.  I’m sure that they had a good reason (controlling breeding, maybe?), but it was still sad to see.

Oh, and I wanted to scream at the kids and their parents at the little cafeteria area.  It was an outside stand, with umbrellas and tables and such.  These kids wouldn’t stop chasing the wild birds… including a very large peacock!  I was (cruelly) hoping that a kid would get pecked so they would all stop.  I don’t understand why the parents of these kids were ok with this.  I know that “kids will be kids” and sometimes you might just be too hot and too tired to care, but can’t we just leave the birds alone instead of terrorizing them and possibly making them aggressive?  I would have been worried that my kid would have been bitten!  Those male peacocks are really quite big birds – as big as some of the kids that were chasing it!

Two more things about the zoo: 1.  They had a kookaburra, and it was singing/laughing.  It was really cool, and I couldn’t help but hum the  “Sing Kookaburra sing” song.  2.  There was a red crested cardinal that wouldn’t leave me alone.  We get full red cardinals here occasionally, but this one was black and white with a brilliant red head.  I have a bad picture of it that I should upload, and will do so maybe tonight.  It kept following me, and I loved it.  I wanted to take it home, but rules about wildlife and so forth.

So this morning, we woke up because our house was shaking.  Enough that you could hear stuff wobbling on the furniture.  Rob’s initial thought (which made him jump out of bed and run downstairs) was that someone had run into our house (with their car?).  I figured that the construction behind our house had started early that morning.  I was right.  The ground is still frozen, so when they’re digging out the basements, they have to use a backhoe with a huge hook on it to break up all the frozen earth before they can dig it out.  Every time they slammed the hook into the ground, it shook our entire house.  No biggie, but I think it really bothered Rob.  And it did start pretty early this morning, just before 7 am.

Last night I did nothing but watch TV and put away laundry.  It was FANTASTIC!!!  Tonight I get to do some more folding and more putting away.  I feel like the laundry never ends… and we don’t even have kids yet!

Our friends have just over a month until their baby is born!  I’m so excited for them!  I haven’t seen her in a few weeks, but Rob said “she’s really showing”.  That made me laugh, as how can you say that a preggo woman in her last month is “really showing”??  She’s actually carrying very compactly, and I think her baby is going to be pretty small… lucky duck! They don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, so I’m excited to meet the new baby!

No heartburn last night, which was really good!  However, when Rob and I were all cuddled up before we went to sleep, I had my belly against him, and the baby was kicking my belly wall!  I thought for sure that Rob could feel it, but no.  It was weird for me, because it’s an uncommon movement for the baby.  She/he usually kicks my cervix, not my belly.  It was pretty cool.