Hey! Wait! I've got a new complaint…

So heartburn? Sucks. Heartburn that wakes you up in the middle of the night, requires three Tums to take the edge off (it didn’t make it go away) and then sticks around the next morning? Makes me feel stabby. So that is where I am this morning. Feeling kind of stabby.

Anyway. Here’s some stuff about my trip – I’m going to have to break it up a bit, because there’s lots to tell, and I really don’t want you to have to sit through that much text. To start, here are a couple of highlights:

  1. I was molested by an old man while snorkeling in the legendary Hanama Bay
  2. I caught a cold the last day and my ears (and sinuses) refused to release on the flights home. I may or may not have cried.
  3. Rob got to play the drums with one of the drum masters from some small little island that I have never heard of before (Tagoa, maybe?)
  4. I bought some FANTASTIC Carter’s baby stuff, including the cutest and bestest diaper bag ever (I will take pictures of the stuff eventually, as it’s just too good not to share). The best part? I got 15 onesies and a diaper bag for only $77. Yeah, we rock like that.
  5. Boogie Boarding is not so much fun when pregnant. I forgot that you lay on your belly the whole time and by the way? HURTS.
  6. I managed to visit the Sephora in the Ala Moana mall and only spend $40. I didn’t visit the Juicy Couture store, or any of the other 100 designer shops. There’s something not fun about walking into a store and knowing before I go in that I can’t even afford to buy a key chain there. I did, however, find some cute maternity stuff from Sears, and that made me happy (our Sears here in Canada doesn’t carry a maternity line).
  7. I did go into the Coach outlet store, but still couldn’t afford anything there.
  8. We went to Sea Life Park, which was interesting and fun (and hot!), but I didn’t get to swim with the dolphins. Something about paying $200 for the “dolphin encounter” just seemed wrong to us.
  9. Those real orchid leis that they give out? Make me feel stabby.
  10. I read six books (novels) while I was there. That’s just how we roll.

Ok, so Thursday, we flew out of Edmonton at 2, and got to Hawaii around 10:30. We had a pretty long layover in Vancouver, but our flight to Honolulu went pretty fast. While we were eating burger king in the Vancouver airport, I kept hearing birds and were looking everywhere for them, but couldn’t find them. When we came home (international arrivals level), I realized that the bird noises were on speakers. I felt pretty dumb, because I was worried about them getting sucked into the HVAC system and stuff when we flew out.

Our driver from the airport to the hotel was pretty cool, she pointed a lot of stuff out to us as we dropped other people off along the way. Note: Don’t drive in Honolulu – every other street is a one-way and it’s so super confusing. Plus, the drive which would have taken about a half hour ended up taking an hour and half… so yeah. Convoluted roadways. After we got to the hotel/suite place (it’s half hotels, half owned), we got up to our room and were able to relax and go to bed. We had to be up early to go to the Polynesian Cultural Center on Friday morning. We were doing that so early because we wanted to go with Shawn and Tricia (Rob’s sister and brother in law), and they only had a couple of more days in Hawaii before they went home.

So on this tour, we drove through Waikiki, and Honolulu (let me tell you here that I did look for Dog the Bounty Hunter and couldn’t find him. I did, however, see his picture in the newspaper… that was as close as I got), and drove up to Nuuanu Pali State Park. It was pretty, with a good view of part of O’ahu.

Me and the Sign

View of the valley

After that, we stopped at a Macadamia nut house place. We got to sample all sorts of good nuts, and some really fantastic flavoured coffee (seriously, I should have bought some, but I have a hard enough time NOT drinking a ton of coffee that it’s probably better if it’s not in the house). There were a couple of kitties running around (so nice! They let me pet them!), and there was lots of green stuff to look at. Here’s a picture of Rob and I outside the little house part. Oh! The bathrooms there? Had a window that you couldn’t shut straight to outside where the buses were, and no blinds. Yeah, you could totally have seen me take a pee if you were there!

Rob and I

After the stop at the nut house, we went up to the Polynesian Cultural Center. It was a really cool place, with lots of different presentations and things to look at. Every different island (there were 7, I believe) from Polynesia gave a performance, which was pretty cool, and then there was a canoe pageant. This is basically where every island has a “float” (a flat surface on top of a couple of floater things to float it on the pond) where they dance and stuff according to each culture. I have a lot of these pictures on my flickr page, so I would go there and have a view. I’m not going to post any pictures from the Center up here, because I have a million, and how do I chose? It was pretty fun and we had a good time there. Oh wait! This is where Rob got to drum with a drum master from Tagoa (I think). It was pretty fun, and pretty good. I would have liked to go drum with them, but it’s a man’s thing, so no drumming for me. Anyway, here’s a picture of Rob in a Dress! 🙂

More drumming

After that, we got back on the bus, and headed up to the North Shore. We drove past Waimea beach, past some shrimp farms (no joke!) and stopped at Sunset Beach, where I snapped this picture of a surfer. It really made me wish that I had a telephoto lens on my camera so I could have zoomed a bit more. Oh well.


I recommend clicking on the picture, it’s fairly impressive, if you view it in a larger format (if I can say so myself!)  We drove past a sea turtle sunning itself on the beach, which was pretty cool, but it went by too fast so we didn’t get a chance to take any pictures.  Rob didn’t even see it because he wasn’t looking out the window right then.

After that we stopped at the Dole Plantation.  There wasn’t anything too exciting to see there, as we just stopped for a restroom break, and got some Dole Whip, which is basically pineapple flavoured soft-serve sorbet.  It was good, but not too amazing.  They had a lot of great merchandise there, and if you wanted to come back, you could go on a tour of the plantation, or get lost in their giant pineapple maze.  I thought that it was kind of interesting to see all fruit fields, and to hear a little about the growing of pineapple.  Apparently, from the time the pineapple is planted (they plant that green part that comes on the pineapples in the store) to the time there is fruit ready to harvest is 18 months.  It was surprising to hear how long it took.  I also found the red dirt there to be quite beautiful.  It’s a really intense rust colour.  So pretty.

After that, it was back to the hotel for dinner, an evening of relaxing (reading books!) and then to bed.  After all, we had to get up early the next day to go snorkeling at Hanama Bay!  I’ll write about that tomorrow.