The One in Which I Ramble About my Dreams

I had crazy dreams last night, and I wanted to write about them, but they are mostly forgotten. The two I remember, I only remember hazily, but I will sketch them out for you.

The One Where my Mary Kay Friends Were Playing a Youth Group Game

  • We play this game with my youth group, I have no idea where it came from, but they call it Gargon. It’s played in the dark, in the church, and one person (usually a leader) is appointed the Gargon. Their mission is to hide a dis-assembled flashlight for the rest of the group to find, then to prowl around the church tagging the rest of the group. The tagged people have to stand there much like freeze tag, and wait to be touched by another person on their team. Anyway, the team has to find all the pieces of the flashlight, assemble it, then find the Gargon and shine the light on him. Often, the game is over due to time constraints rather than the team actually winning. If time runs out and the Gargon isn’t caught, then the Gargon wins by default.
  • Anyway, my Mary Kay director called me last night to tell me that our National Sales Director (aka Very Important Lady) will be coming to our meeting tonight, and that I’m to bring two guests. I don’t have two guests, but there you go.
  • In my dream, I got to the meeting and we were all there all suited up in our skirts and stuff and Gloria announced that we were going to be playing Gargon, which was hilarious… because, running around in the dark in a skirt? Craziness! There was also something about washing some lady’s chinese characters (they were her address, which led me to ponder this morning about how numbers are written in the chinese language, and if they’re the same, like if 60 is written with their symbol for 6 followed by their symbol for 0. Yeah, I’ve got nothing better to think about in the shower) in a bucket of soapy water, but I just don’t get that part.
  • I don’t remember how it ended, other than it was just kind of funny and kind of weird.

The One in Which My Father Betrayed Christianity

  • Have you met my father? No? Overly cautious, very conservative Christian fellow? Tall, kind of scary looking? Yeah, that’s him. I dreamed about him last night (which I rarely do, unless I haven’t seen him in a long time and it’s my mind reminding me HEY YOU HAVE A DAD TO PAY ATTENTION TO).
  • In my dream, he was the head of the church I was attending at the time. There was this man that no one knew who came to the church and wanted to run a program for people. I don’t remember what the program was, except that I knew that he was Bad and Wrong and that he was going to bring the apocalypse down on us (or something).
  • He asked my dad to sign the form saying that he could run the program and dad signed it without reading it. Again, I knew that within the contract it gave him power to teach anti-christian things at church and basically gave him too much control over the church. I was so mad at my dad, and at this guy, in my dream
  • So, I punched him in the head, really really hard. He was a scary looking dude – his face and head were all burned and not quite scarred, like that intermediate healing stage, so it hurt like a sweet mother when I hit him. Oh, he was missing his nose. For some reason, that kind of still bothers me. ANYWAY.
  • I ran around the rest of my dream screaming “don’t you know who he is? He’s the Wyrm Lord! He’s the Wyrm Lord!” This, of course, being a proclamation quite similiar to “he’s the anti-Christ” or something.
  • Here’s where it’s amusing – In the Door Within trilogy, there’s a book called “Rise of the Wyrm Lord“. I’m sure it’s a good book, I haven’t read it yet, and that it doesn’t contain a burned, noseles man who wants to destroy the church. But yeah. Thanks Wayne Thomas Batson. Thanks a lot for the fodder for my dreams! ::shakes fist in his general direction:: (but really! Love the books! I do!)

The night before I had a dream where Bruce, and ex-boyfriend, walked past me in the mall and didn’t recognize me. This was ok with me, but as he walked past, he picked a giant wedgie out of his butt, and I laughed at him with all my friends. Apparently? I was 14 in that dream 😛 (actually, in my dream he didn’t recognize me because I was preggo, like it’s changed me that much. Regardless, it was a weird dream).

This is the one thing that I’m really enjoying about pregnancy – the vivid dreams. I mean, I enjoy dreaming regularily, and I have some pretty good ones… but nothing compares to these technicoloured, topsy turvy, real life feeling dreams! Sometimes they’re hard to shake, and I’ll often carry my feelings from/about the dream into my day.

Anyway, it’s time for coffee, so I’m going to go… but I wanted to share my crazy crazy dreams with you!

One more day! ::squee:: Muah!