Where The Map Ends – Day 2

It’s technically day 3, but I missed the first day because I was all over our holiday like a dirty shirt.  Or more like a clean shirt because I spent my day shopping.  It’s not as much fun as it sounds, believe me.  ANYWAY (I’ve had too much coffee – forgive me this one post, ok?)

So.  I went back to Where The Map Ends, and I will still tell you that I love everything.  Because I do.  And the random story generator?  Is hilarious.  I really want to write the story about the guy who’s afraid of heights, and who wants to save the world from aliens but can’t because of it, but in the end he does because of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (woot! Canada!).  I think it’s because the aliens are afraid of the colour red, so they ran off when they saw their bright red and shiny jackets.

I couldn’t find the name generator that some other people were playing with, but maybe I am blind.  If you go here, you can read the never used prologue to Kathryn Mackels’ creepy book Outriders.  I haven’t read the book, but if it’s as good as the prologue, I would recommend it!

Oh, I wanted to note, Jeff has two names – Jefferson Scott is his pen name (so look for that name on books) and when he edits, he goes by Jeff Gerke.  I’m not sure why, but there you go.  You can read all about Jeff here, and it even has a fun picture of him with a dragon!  Also, you can view his author website (all about Jefferson Scott!!!) right here.  Jefferson has actually written quite a few “smart Christian thrillers” and you can view them here.  He’s co-written a few non-fiction books on the Christian life, including “Be Intolerant” that I mentioned yesterday.  He’s very versatile, and you’ll never find his works to be lacking.  So, if you’re looking for something new, and you don’t just want some Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy, I would recommend checking some of his books out!

Anyway, back to the original website.   Did I mention the author interviews?  Really?  I should have.  He has 5 great interviews, including Frank Peretti and a couple other Christian Fiction heavyweights.  I’m pretty impressed!

I know I mentioned forums the other day, and sadly, it seems that they aren’t available yet.  It sounds like he’s working on it, though!  Coming March 1st, he’s organizing a Collaborative Fiction Project, which sounds very interesting and fun.  I’m not sure of the rules and stuff yet, but I am quite sure that he will explain that more on his site come March 1.

If you’re a struggling/aspiring/successful but always looking for more tools writer, be sure to check out his store.  It seems that he has some pretty powerful software to help you with your character development.  Be advised that I’m not a writer.  I don’t know anything about creating characters.  I’ve written some short stories in the past, but never anything on a grand scale, so I don’t get this stuff.  I wanted to promote it anyway, because if you need help, you need to know where to find it 🙂

So, one more time, here’s the list of the other blog tour participants.  I hope that you have a chance to view some of the other sites, as all these people have a different opinion and they always have interesting things to say 🙂

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Also:  Those of you looking for an update on me and my life, stay tuned, an update should be posted today some time.