V-Day 2007

We are the most romantic couple in the world.  Last night, Rob worked until 7pm and I watched TV.  Then, we went to Ikea (it was dead!) to eat $1.99 pasta meals.  After that, we went to Walmart and Indigo.  I could totally feel the romance in the air! 😆

It was actually a pretty good evening.  There were a lot of things that we needed to pick up from Walmart, and this night we both had free (we like to go together, otherwise I usually get cranky and overwhelmed all by myself).  We didn’t buy anything interesting, although I noticed that they have the Energizer rechargeable battery packs.  I might go back and get some (for my camera, because I’ve been blowing through batteries like a mad person).

I have a complaint.  I know, I’ll do it quickly 😛  I picked up that Palmer’s Stretch Mark lotion, and it’s gross!  I understand that it’s not really going to keep me from getting them (I got enough when going through puberty, so I already know that my skin just doesn’t stretch well), but I thought I’d give it a bit of a helping hand, you know?  The consistency is nice, and it feels good going but… but seriously!  It smells HORRIBLE!!!  I mean, with a formula that has things like cocoa and shea butter in it… couldn’t they have made it smell a little more like those ingredients?  Gah.  I’ve decided that I can only use it at night because I do not want to have to wear more perfume to cover up this yucky smell!

At Indigo, I picked up two new books.  It was hard to chose, because there weren’t any that I really really wanted, like I was waiting for them to come out.  It makes it harder to chose then!  I ended up getting Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris, and City of the Dead by Brian Keene.   The first book is the next in Harris’ Southern Vampire series, and it looks like it will be quite good.  It’s definitely chick-lit – no heavy reading there.  I’m not sure if I’ll read it next, as I’ve got the Wayne Thomas Batson series waiting for me, but we’ll see.  COTD is the sequel to The Rising, which I read just over a year ago.  I don’t know if I blogged about it (I’m sure I did), but I was reading it while in the Emergency Room with a bladder infection.  It was the reason that I was somewhat incoherently telling people (mostly Rob) that there was a zombie kidney in me that was trying to eat it’s way out of my body.

I know I’m a bit off, according to some people, but I enjoy a good scary book – but it has to be a scary that can never happen.  The Frank Peretti series, Piercing the Darkness/This Present Darkness (and now there is a third???  CRAAAAAPPP!!) scared the crap out of me because it’s on the subject of demon possession and activity, and written by a Christian, thus believable to me, you know?   While stuff about vampires, zombies, ghosts, and all other “scary” but totally mythical things don’t bug me.  I’m the same way with movies.  Silent Hill was disturbing and weird, but totally not scary.  The Exorcist?  I couldn’t sleep after I watched that one!  It didn’t bug me because I thought something like that would happen to me, but because the majority of what happened in that movie is mostly plausible.  On that note, though, the second one?  Totally disappointing.  Don’t bother seeing it.  I never saw the third, as I didn’t see a point.

On a completely different, and somewhat more cheerful note, be sure to visit Dirka’s site in the next week or so.   She’s going to be doing the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.  She’ll be walking a marathon and a half (39 miles), and is looking to raise $2000 (I think she’s got another $1800 to go).  So if you’re looking to donate to a good cause, you can donate here.  Don’t be scared by the first options – we all know that it’s unlikely that I know anyone who wants to donate $1000!!!  If you scroll to the bottom, there are lots of different options, even a 1 time gift of your choosing.  Even if you can’t donate, it would be great if you could give her a little plug on your site so maybe someone who reads your blog will throw a few bucks her way, and towards breast cancer research.  It’s a pretty good cause, and it would be nice to see something like breast cancer decrease in occurrence.