More Stuff You Just Don't Care About!

I have a headache!  I’ve had one off an on for the last three days, and mainly when I’m at work.  This tells me that it must be eye strain related (between that and my burning, tired eyes) and that maybe my work area is just too bright.  While I am complaining about my eyes – my sight is changing (again) and I’m afraid to go to the eye doctor.  What’s the chances of this being a hormonal change, and that after this baby is done gestating my eyes will go back to their normal seeing self?  Hmmm?

Monday night consisted of driving across the city passed about 4 smashed up on their roof trucks/SUV’s to get to dinner with my family (mom’s side, with us kids).  We went to Moxies, and it was a pretty good choice.  Having dinner with the family at a restaurant was pretty enjoyable, as there was no feeling like we “had” to stay or whatever.   Rob and I are usually the last to leave gatherings at mom’s house, but at least there was no pressure to BE there, if you know what I mean.  If you don’t… well, too bad.  Anyway, the food was good, the conversation was fun and it was a pretty decent night.  We got home in good time, even though the roads were horrible (I love freezing rain!  Yay for stupid weather!).

Tuesday night (I guess that was last night, eh?) I had a Mary Kay meeting, which was fine.  Nothing overly exciting, although next week it’s eye night!  Yay!  That should be interesting.  I wore a dress to work (the denim maternity one) and I got tons of comments.  It was, in fact, a little weird.  I’m not a slob, but my dress for work consists of two pairs of pants (I had to retire my khaki’s on Monday – too tight in the belly), a variety of dress shirts and casual shirts, and typically, a black sweater to top it all off.  I like this combo – it’s comfortable and I know that if I’m too warm, I can cool down and if I get cool, I can warm up.  Apparently, it’s getting stale, because wearing thick tights, a knee length dress, and a sweater will get me lots and lots of comments/compliments.  It just seems weird.

Hey.  It’s week 15 today!  Yay.  This week the baby is growing stronger bones, and if we had an Xray (which we won’t, because it’s unsafe and all that good stuff) you could actually see all of the baby’s bones too.  She’s 4″ long (approx) and has started to suck her thumb.  Apparently, she’s supposed to have properly shaped external ears, although they will continue to grow with her.  Otherwise, nothing else exciting is happening.  Besides my odd flutters which only happen now and then, and predominantly on my left side.  In the next two weeks I should be feeling more movement, so that will be pretty fun.

I’m feeling pretty good these days, minus the headaches and the nosebleed and the very sore stomach muscles.  I assume that’s just from the pressure of things moving around down there.  I think that my belly has been sticking out a bit more this past week, and has gone in less (so…less gas, more baby?).  I’ve also noticed that it’s a bit harder and less flabby.  I guess that’s a good thing 😛  I know that I’m not eating as well as I should be, and I’m going to try to work on it this week, but things like veggies and fruit just aren’t appealing to me.  I’m going to have to find substitutes like juice and meals with veggies in them (like the chicken one I had last week – so good!).  I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, and I’m excited to hear the baby’s heart beat.  I still worry every now and then that I’m too fat or that the baby has died, but for the most part, I feel really great, emotionally and physically.

I haven’t had a chance to do any scrapbooking with my new beautiful papers, but I am thinking about maybe pulling it out tonight.  Monday night I had a chance to set up my new album, so all I have to do is actually put stuff together and slide it in.  Hurrah.  I have a few things to do tonight, like grocery shop, but yeah… otherwise, I’m looking at some scrapbooking… Ha ha ha.

So.  How have YOU been these past few days?