Stuff and Junk

Um, my life has been very boring this week.  It has consisted of trying to stay awake at work, then going home to amuse myself by doing things like scrapbooking or watching HOURS of TV.  Tonight, though, I get to go watch a soccer game.  I’m going to try to take some pictures, so if I get any good shots, I’ll be sure to post them.

Speaking of pictures, I forgot to take a picture last night, as my week 14 belly picture.  I guess I will do it when I get home.   I could have last night, I had nothing better to do.

Have I told you about Nybbles, and how she doesn’t like it that Rob’s not home?  It’s not enough that I’m home… she just wants Rob at night!  Anyway, Monday night she cried for part of the night and put all her toys by the front door, then came upstairs partway through the night (she was on the bed in the morning).  It was very sad, and I didn’t get all that much sleep.  Tuesday night, she didn’t cry or move around her toys, but she didn’t come and sleep on the bed either, so I guess she was protesting the fact that Rob wasn’t home.   Last night, she fooled around when I tried to go to sleep, making a bit of noise downstairs.  Eventually she settled down and I fell asleep.  I woke up early in the night to roll over or whatever, and realized that she was on the bed.  Yay for almost a normal sleep pattern!  But this morning she was already downstairs (or not on the bed, anyway) by the time the alarm went off.  I am hoping that she’ll just come to bed as normal tonight.  It’s frustrating to have her be out of sorts… I feel bad for her, plus it keeps me up because I’m thinking about what she might be getting into.  Frustrating.  So, needless to say, I’m exceptionally tired today, and can’t wait to have a nap when I get home (before the soccer game).

I had a great dream last night.  Well, not great, but it was pretty darn entertaining, anyway.  I had a dream that our youth group went to the mountains, and they all wanted to go on the gondola, up to one of the youth’s grandparent’s cabin.  I am afraid of gondolas, so I decided to climb the mountain (it wasn’t that far or hard of a climb) and on of the girls decided to climb with me.  Well, you can imagine my delight when I found out the mountain was made of pie crusts!  Yay!  I love me some pastry!  The girl I was with wouldn’t let me eat it though, because she said it was poisonous.  That made me very sad.  That’s the funny part of my dream, so there you go.  After that, it turned into magical skiing on the pie crust mountain, and no one really wants to know about that!

My TV review (spoilers most likely):

Gilmore Girls:  I know lots of people don’t like the new writers.  I don’t really have an issue with the script except for a few things.  I don’t see a man like Christopher actual saying “I thought I could live with being second, but I guess I can’t”.  I can’t see Chris accepting to be second.  And?  I’m so mad that they have decided to have this tiff.  If they are going to break Chris and Lorelai up and have her get back together with Luke, I’m not watching the show any more.  I like Chris and Lorelai, and I just want them to be happy!  If it were up to me, they will reconcile, they will get preggo, and the season and series will end with Lor giving birth to little kid with Chris that they can all be happy about.  The end.  So, Gilmore Girls writers, take note – that is the proper ending.  Ps. if Rory and Logan wanted to get married in there, that would be fine too.  If not?  No problem.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip:  I like Matt and Harriet (what am I?  The poster girl for relationships that no one else wants to work?), and I’ll be sad to see them break up, but that seems like what’s going to happen.  I still have hope for Jordan and Danny, though, and it seems like Danny (although he’s given up) has planted some seeds in Jordan’s mind.  I feel bad for Thom and Lucy, but he did it to himself by lying to her!  I think it’s hilarious that they lost the ferret, and now they have to send in a Coyote!  It reminds of the lady who swallowed a fly, then a spider, then a bird, and a cat… Tee hee hee!

That’s all I watched last night, plus some regular sitcoms and Dr. Phil, none of which are noteworthy.  Just those two.  The Unit was a repeat, so that was disappointing.

I have mac and cheese for lunch!  Yum!  I’ve been trying out the Michelana’s Advantage meals, and the two that I have had (Roasted Red Pepper and Whole Wheat Tortellini, and Brocolli & Cheddar Chicken) have both been really good.  Lower calorie, but really filling.  the chicken one didn’t have all that much chicken in it, only a few pieces, but it did have two servings of veggies, and the fat content was pretty low.  The mac and cheese is their “lifestyle” menu, so we’ll see how that goes.  The Pastaria mac and cheese I had a while ago (by Stouffers, I think) wasn’t very good.  I don’t have high hopes, but there are some hopes.  Other than that, I’ve got a booooring lunch.  Boo.  And, I used all my money to buy milk this morning (I was unprepared, I usually bring it with me).

All right.  I am done boring you to tears.  Enjoy your day!