My Eyes Are Blind I Cannot See…

Last night I spent the evening all alone (well, me and the cats, who insisted on fighting underneath my chair). I made myself some dinner, watched Dr. Phil, then worked on my scrapbook a little bit.

For dinner, I had a Skillet Sensation. Unfortunately, mine wasn’t the Lean Cuisine variation, but the regular, full fat Chicken Alfredo. Let me tell you, it was fantastic. I love it, and consequently, at the whole bag. Yeah, I know it’s supposed to feed two people… but I was hungry, and there was no one there to fight me for it! So I ate it all. Yeah, all 600 grams, 700 calories of it. I was wonderfully full, and I didn’t have to snack all night! I am a little surprised that it actually fit all in my tummy. I wasn’t expecting to be physically able to eat it all, but I was… so I did. ::sigh:: it’s a new low day for me.

Rob usually gets the mail, so it was a bit of an adventure for me to go and do that yesterday. Firstly, our mailbox is in a superbox of about 20 or 30 little mailboxes. I had no idea which box it was, except that it was on the lower portion (I watched Rob crouch over to get the mail once). So yesterday, I stood out in the cold trying to get my key to fit in one of the boxes. It finally did… but pretty funny because it took me a while! Anyway – there was nothing exciting in the mail. Boo.

So I scrapbooked last night. I finished two pages, and got two base pages all set out (just have to stick on the pictures and the title and journaling). I even have pictures to prove it. I am working on Rob and I’s album, which has pictures from the beginning of our relationship, and will continue right up until our baby is born. Then I will switch to the new album, starting with baby pictures! I’m about two years behind… so yeah. I’ve really got to get on it, otherwise I will never, ever catch up. So the pages I did yesterday were from my wedding dress shopping. I tried on a zillion dresses, with many of them being far too expensive. There was one that I wanted more than anything (the whipping cream dress) but it was almost three times more expensive then the dress I chose in the end. Plus, it wasn’t *quite* the right size, and they wouldn’t have been able to get one in for me in time. I’m glad I didn’t pick that dress, in the end, because it would have been too heavy, and I had a hard time keeping my smaller and lighter dress up all night! Anyway, here are the pictures.

Page 1

Page 2

Pages 3 & 4

The bottom picture is of the base pages, so it’s pretty boring to look at right now. Maybe tomorrow (or the next day) I might have those two done. It seems like I only get around to scrapbooking when Rob’s out of town 🙂 I should do more of it when he’s home too. Then I wouldn’t be so far behind!

Nybbles was pretty out of sorts last night. I felt pretty bad for her, as I think she misses Rob. She wouldn’t come to bed at the normal time, and kept meowing. When I woke up this morning, she was on the bed, but all her toys were at the front door 😦 Sad! She was pretty affectionate this morning, but it’s hard to tell if it’s because she loves me, or because she just wanted my bacon.

Ok, I have to tell you about my breakfast, and then I’ve got work to do. Have you ever had a McGriddle (I think) from McDonalds? It’s like an egg mcmuffin but with sweet pancakes instead of the muffin? Well, I decided to try to make my own. I took two (blueberry) eggo waffles, put a bit of syrup on one, butter on the other, fried up two eggs (solid), used two pieces of cheese, and some bacon (too much bacon, actually), and made it into a sandwich. It was actually pretty good, although one egg might have been sufficient. I couldn’t eat it all, in the end. I left a couple of bites, as I didn’t want to stuff myself. Ha ha ha… Yeah, I did say that out loud. ::sigh::

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