Manic Monday (oooh-oh-oooooh)

Rob leaves for California today.  Boo.  He’s gone until Saturday evening, which is a relatively long time.  At least with this trip they can’t make his stay longer (like they often do), as it’s just meetings he’s going to, instead of doing work for a client.  On the plus side of him being gone, I get the whole bed to myself, and I get to stay up reading all night if I want to 😆  Yeah, I’d really rather have him home, too.

Friday night Youth Group is going to be an 80’s night!  Yay!  So we’re all going to dress up in 80’s or 90’s stuff (just for variation), eat snacks and watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  Most of the youth haven’t seen it yet, and I think that’s just one movie that you have to see.  Besides, I reference that movie so much and no one gets it.  Boo.  What are some good 80’s games that we can play?  Does anyone have any suggestions?

I get to go for my next tanning session tonight.  Yay!  I forgot how hard those beds are… at least it’s only for a few minutes.  And hopefully?  The Funky Pickle Pizza Company will be open and I’ll be able to grab a slice because YUM!!!  Their pizza is so freaking good.  They have weird toppings like broccoli or corn.  It just ends up being really good.

Well, I’ve got to get some work done.  I’ll probably update again later!