The Garden Variety Post

I am feeling uncomfortable today. I’m not sure why. I guess with the baby growing and stuff, I’ll have days where I just feel like my insides are all moved around and squashed up. I can’t imagine how I will feel once this baby is more than 3″ long!

I looked through the “bump” tags, and I was happy to know that there are a lot of other ladies with a pronounced “bump” at 13 weeks, and that the girls who aren’t showing are the weird ones. Even my Week By Week book says that I should definitely be wearing maternity clothes by this point. So, yay for validation!

I felt my uterus the other night. It’s so weird, to be able to push around on my belly and be able to say “yep, that hard part is my uterus”. Hopefully I didn’t poke the baby in the head! 😆 I haven’t felt the baby move yet, but it’s still pretty early for that.

I’m not as exhausted as I was, but I have found that I’m still quite tired. I’m not napping as much, but I wake up feeling like I didn’t sleep much. I think that I’m having a hard time getting and staying comfortable in our bed. I’m not sure if I am waking up because I keep running into the cats as I shift positions in my sleep, or if I am waking up because my back/arm/belly/legs hurt. ::shrugs:: hopefully I will be able to get this figured out soon so I can get some sleep. They have a cool pillow thing at Walmart for sleeping on your side – it’s two wedges attached with a strap. One keeps you from rolling on your back (I have been spending so much time on my back, and in 3 weeks I won’t be allowed to do that any more) and one goes under your belly to support a bigger belly (I don’t think that’s needed right now, for me, anyway). It looks like it might help, but I’m worried that I would spend a lot of money on something that I’m just going to toss out of bed every night so I can get comfortable. On the plus side, Tych has started to sleep with me again for some reason. To be honest, I prefer Nybbles, as she doesn’t move every time I move (she just glares), but I was missing my oldest cat. He still sleeps in my clothes sometimes instead, but it’s nice just to have that cuddle time in between sleeping periods.

I got my camera yesterday! Yay! I really love it. I can’t believe how heavy it is, but that is to be expected. I figured out how to use the Auto setting, how to change the colour setting, and how to change the ISO. It’s been very interesting and quite frustrating. I also fooled around with the aperture a bit, and found I can take pictures in the dark, but I have to put the camera down. If I hold it, everything goes blurry (I move too much and the shutter stays open for about 3 seconds on the highest setting). It was interesting, but I want to know how you take night pictures that don’t have the blurs of cars moving and stuff. You know? I did like how the lights would starburst, and that was pretty cool. I will have to put up a picture I took of a house down the street. I would really like to take a digital photography course, just to get a little more knowledge and know-how before the baby’s born. Maybe I can find a fairly inexpensive one.

Anyway, sorry I don’t have a topic or anything like that. Maybe next time! 😛