Blog Tour's Last Day and A Few Personal Notes

Today is the final day of the Tour for Wayne Thomas Batson’s The Door Within Trilogy. It’s kind of sad. It’s been fun to see so many people involved, to read all of the other bloggers opinions and interviews (and even a podcast!). It has been great to be introduced to so many new people, and I can’t wait to get my copy of the more than beautiful trilogy some time next month. So, if you’ve not had a chance to follow the tour, may I recommend you do so by perusing the following links:

Jim Black
Jackie Castle
Valerie Comer
Karri Compton
Frank Creed
CSFF Blog Tour
Gene Curtis
Chris Deanne
Janey DeMeo
April Erwin
Beth Goddard
Marcus Goodyear
Todd Michael Greene
Leathel Grody
Karen Hancock
Katie Hart
Sherrie Hibbs
Sharon Hinck
Joleen Howell
K. D. Kragen
Tina Kulesa
Lost Genre Guild
Kevin Lucia and The Bookshelf Reviews 2.0 – The Compendium
Rachel Marks
Shannon McNear
Rebecca LuElla Miller
Caleb Newell
Eve Nielsen
John Otte
Robin Parrish
Cheryl Russel
Hannah Sandvig
Mirtika Schultz
James Somers
Stuart Stockton
Steve Trower
Speculative Faith
Daniel I. Weaver
Tessa Edwards

There are lots of great interviews with Mr. Batson, as well as some great reviews, so I recommend that you check them all out. Also, Mr. Batson (the link at the beginning) is releasing some new information about the paperback versions of his books, so go check his blog out and you can see what’s new with that!

Personal Stuff:

My camera is still not in. This is going on day 4 now, and if they don’t have it in today, I am going to be mightily cranky. I am tired of hearing “sorry” followed by some lame excuse. I want action words! I want verbs! I want to you to tell me how you are going to fix this problem! Nothing like putting the “cuss” in customer service!

So. As soon as my camera comes in, you will be lucky enough to get some belly pictures. I’ve still only gained around 5 or 6 pounds, but I’ve got a good little pooch sticking out, so you’ll be able to see some roundness. Rob thinks it is cute. I think it’s kind of annoying, but I am looking forward to when it actually looks like I’m pregnant. So, you know, when we’re waiting for a table at a restaurant and I ask for a chair, they actually bring me one rather than giving me a funny look and saying that I’ll have to wait until a seat on the bench becomes available. Ha! My baby isn’t even born yet and I’m already planning on exploiting it for things like priority seating!

I saw my neighbour and her teeny tiny baby this morning. She invited me to drop by, so I’ll have to do that. He’s so tiny and fragile looking! So cute.

Nybbles hit all her mice under the ottoman again. I found them this morning. She loves her little mice!

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