Because I Love You This Much

Here’s the skinny on what’s been happening at our house.

1.  My camera is not in until tomorrow.  I had a moment (for, you know, most of the evening) of intense grumpiness, and while it has not completely passed, it is quite a bit better.  You may think that I’m acting a wee bit childish, and it’s probably true.  I was just so excited that I was getting my brand new camera today and that I was going to have all evening to play with it and figure it all out.  It made me very cranky to know that I was promised something that didn’t happen (and?  I’ll point out that clearly the guy who promised me this didn’t know enough about his job, because the courier route is the same everyday and therefore it was impossible to get my camera to my store by today, even if he was wearing a snappy tie).  Now I will get it tomorrow and won’t really have any time with it until Wednesday night.  I am aware that when something like this gets under my skin it’s very true that I have very little wrong in my life.  I am aware.

2.  I ordered my Door Within series tonight from Amazon.  They’re not expected until the end of February.  This I can deal with.  If they come before, then bonus to me, and if not, I am not expecting them until then… so all is well.

3.  Rob is going to California next week for a conference.  I’m mighty jealous, but I will be ok.  So next week?  Is very very free, and I will be happy to come and take pictures of all of your cute children during the evenings.  Because I will have nothing else to do.

4.  Part of the reason that I am not so jealous that Rob is going to SoCal next week is that in May, we might be going to Ft. Lauderdale for a week!  Yay!  Rob has a conference there, and we can get pretty cheap flights there fairly frequently.  Rob’s buddy and his wife from work are going, so I’ll have someone to hang with during the day.  I’m not sure how much fun I will be (27 weeks preggo or so), but I’m looking forward to being in the sun, on the beach and enjoying breezy drinks (virgin, of course) by the pool.  This is, of course, pending Rob’s travel and if we can afford the ticket for me, but I don’t see it being a problem at this point.

5.  I keep saying to myself that I have to get to the tanning studio, and I never seem to make the turn on my way home.  Curse you, tiredness!  Curse you, laziness!  That, and I’m never prepared.  Ho hum, pigs bum.  I’ll start this week.  You know, not tomorrow, but maybe the day after…

All right, that’s all that’s new with us.  What’s new with you?  Did you read about the Door Within in my last post?  I think you should give it a try.  It’s an allegory, much like Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnai, and the Golden Compass (that’s an anti-religion allegory, but it’s still an allegory).  Like I said, the book are gorgey, and have received rave reviews from everyone who’s read them.  Check it out!

(ps. these book tours aren’t paid posts, just in case you’re wondering.  I’m just willing to give an author a hand, you know?  And?  I’ll totally post it if I think the book was horrible – I’m all about giving an honest opinion)