Ummm… Yeah

I need to make a new post so that my blog comes back to the top.  I’m not sure why it decided to live at the bottom, but there you go.  Come back, blog!  Come back!

Today is Saturday, and Rob and I are going out to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary.  Yay!  I’m looking forward to it.  We don’t have anything super amazing planned, as we’ve decided to stay home and save the hotel money that we usually spend.  Maybe we’ll go to Fantasyland Hotel every other year, instead of every year.  Today we’re going to go get my new camera ::heart:: and go to OPM (our favourite restaraunt).  I can’t wait to eat all that yummy good food.  I’m kind of sad because I won’t be able to have one of the fresh fruit mushed drinks (they’re all alcohol loaded) so that will be too bad, but maybe they’ll be able to serve me up a nice cold glass of skim milk.  No?  Oh well.

I am so excited to get my camera.  Here’s what it looks like: 

Isn’t she pretty?  I can’t wait.  Yay!  I have to go get my memory card from upstairs so I can dump it and take it with us tonight.  So excited!  Yay! 

I think I may have a bladder infection, in case you wanted to know.  I have a low aching back, with a very sore lower tummy, and while it could all be just from being preggo, I think it’s the bladder thing.  I have a req form to pee in a cup, so I’ll have to do that this weekend.  Then the doctor can tell me if I actually have one or not.  The feelings are just very reminiscent of when I spent the night in the hospital last year with a really bad bladder infection that was trying to destroy my kidneys.  And while that was lots of fun?  I’d rather avoid it, thanks.

Anyway, I’m going to go bug Rob, he’s supposed to be playing with me today!  Ciao!