Everything But the Camera

So.  I went to McBain’s to pick up my camera, and they sold it.  Within the week!  It’s gone.  I was pretty choked.  And I’m  pretty sure the guy was a little bit afraid of me.  Oh well.  They’ve ordered one, and it will be there by Monday afternoon (from another store).  If I was thinking, we would have just driven up there to get it, but I wasn’t thinking until after they said they would bring it in.  ::cries::  I’m pretty disappointed, but I’m glad that we don’t have to wait for two weeks or something.  Anyway, Rob’s going to meet me at the mall on my way home from work on Monday, so I can play with it all Monday night.  Oh, and thanks to RSM for giving me the recommendation on the camera 😛   It’s really weird that a lot of people in the camera stores have never heard of it.  It kind of drives me nuts, it’s not a really rare camera.  I guess most people either buy the teeny point and shoots, or the digital SLR’s.  It seems pretty normal, though – people either want a deal, or they are willing to fork out the big bucks for the top of the line stuff.  ::shrugs::  They have the S9000 at Walmart for $649, which really isn’t that much cheaper than the S9100 at McBain’s.  Weird.  Rob looked at all the buttons and kind of said “uh, what do all these do?”  I just shrugged and smiled.  That’s what the user manual is for, right?

I picked up a cheap case from Walmart for $10.  I’m sure that it’s not the camera case that I’ll want to keep forever, but I figured that it would do for now.  I’m not really sure what kind of case I’ll want, so if I bought a cheap generic case for now, and maybe get a more specialized one once I know what I’ll want to carry with me.  I was going to get rechargeable batteries and a charger, too, but they only had no-name brands and they were kind of expensive.  I guess that if I’m going to shell out that kind of money for stuff like that, I want it to be good quality, you know?  Also, you couldn’t buy any extra rechargeable batteris.  That irritated me because I want to have 8 batteries – four for in the camera, and four that could be charging if necessary (I’m pretty sure it takes four…).  One of them had the AAA’s as well as the AA’s, and that was a handy feature, as our car starters take AAA’s and they tend to wear out every month or so. 

We finally exchanged my second copy of the Little Mermaid from Christmas.  I wanted to get Peter Pan, but apparently it’s not out yet?  I thought it was.  Oh well, I ended up getting Cars instead.  They had Toy Story (1) there, but it was $36!!!  There’s no way that I’m paying that price.  I thought about picking up the Fox and the Hound, but for some reason it didn’t appeal to me when I was there.  I hadn’t seen it as a child, so maybe it doesn’t hold any rosy memories for me.  All I know?  I never want to have the Bambi movie, and I don’t think I’ll watch it or the Lion King every again (if I can help it!).

We also went to OPM.  And we didn’t take any pictures, as we were counting on the new camera.  Poo.  Anyway, we got the Mongolian Beef, Singapore Street Noodles, Pad Thai (Hanna – so much spicier than yours!  Yikes!), and the Goo Moo Gai Po (basically, veggies and chicken in a very mild sauce).  It was really good.  Also, for dessert we got the Carmel Banana Springrolls with Chai Tea Ice Cream.  Yum!  I love eating there.  It was about $90 including tip, but we’ll be eating left overs for a few days… which totally rocks my socks off.  I love their food.  The waiter was all “yeah, you know that’s a lot of food and that you’ll be taking it home, right?”  We planned it that way.  The best part?  When he was having it packed up, they threw out our left over Mongolian Beef, so we got a whole fresh one to take home.  Yay!  Extra free food!

Anyway, I’m going to go download my user manual and look at it while Rob’s working on his report.  After that, maybe we’ll watch a movie or something.