A Product Request

All right, ladies.  I need your help.  I am looking for a specific product that might be a little too much info, so follow the “more” at your own risk!

So, for my Mary Kay events and sales appointments, I have to wear pantyhose.  The maternity pantyhose are really, really uncomfortable, so I’ve been using the stay-up thigh-high nylons.  They work really well, and because I buy the long ones, they actually stay up (yay!).  Also, I guess I’ve grown out of my sensitivity to that crappy sticky stuff they use, which is also a plus (or else they use a different kind on strapless bras, I used to get the worst rashes).   Anyway, my problem is now that I end up getting far too warm on the tops of my inner thighs.  This used to be ok because I had fabric in between, you know (this is the too much information part).  Now I get all hot and kind of sticky and rashy, and I’m wondering if any of you fantastic women have any suggestions on a type of powder I can use there to help prevent the rashy uncomfortableness that is my crazy body.

I have a couple of stipulations.  I won’t use anything with talc, because I don’t know if it’s really safe (there have been studies done on both sides).  I also won’t use baby powder because I hate hate hate the smell of it (at least on women, it’s fine on babies).  So.  Do you have any suggestions?  I could really use the relief!