My Gripe

The local radio station that I listen to has a pretty descent morning show.  It’s not too chatty, it has descent news reports, and for the most part, the segments are relatively amusing or thought provoking.  We have seen gems like “Salute to Substandard Service” come out of it, and other things like “Manland” and a renewal of the “Eat Pie” movement.  They even sold me my Trophy Wife T-shirt.

But I have to say, that I hate their new segment “Up with Everything”.  The premise is that you call in with your problem, your January Blues, and Garner (the host) will give you the silver lining.  Some things are pretty good.  I don’t remember the exact one where I nodded and said “yeah, that’s actually a silver lining”, but I have strong recollections of thinking that is total crap.  One that I remember strongly is a woman called in to complain that she just started school yesterday (new semester), and the prof’s had already assigned two papers.  Garner’s silver lining was that at least she wasn’t 20 feet in the air on a freezing cold day swinging hammers.  I kind of think the two are unrelated.  I think I could have agreed if he had said “Well, that’s two less papers you have to write later this year” or “You’re two papers closer to graduating” or something that was related to her situation.

What is it about our society that makes us try to make other people feel better by pointing out a more negative circumstance?  Why would that make anyone feel better?  Do you honestly think that the person who’s turning 30 really wants to hear “well, at least it’s not 40”?  I mean, I can see the benefit in stepping back and looking at the situation from a different perspective, but discounting the other person’s feelings or situation with something that is “worse” doesn’t really help anyone.

Near the beginning of the month, a lady in BC gave birth to sextuplets.  The news report quickly pointed out that they are Jehovah’s Witness’s and they want their privacy, which is fine (although?  I take issue with naming their religion.  What does it matter?).  However, it has been reported (but not confirmed) that one of the boys died the other day.  Which is really really sad.  The hospital is not confirming what happened, and it really irritates me that the media, and the country, is so interested in this story.  Yes, I understand that this is the first set of sextuplets to be born in Canada.  It’s pretty amazing!  But right now?  Those parents, and those babies have to get through the next 3 months or so before we all start declaring that we have had a miracle of multiple births in our country!  If it is true that one of them died, those parents need to have a little space to breathe, to grieve and to continue caring for their babies and for each other.  They do not need the media trying to call and get the “scoop” from the hospital.  I just wish that everyone would stop treating this like a story, and just let these people live.  Maybe, once the babies are home and adjusted, see if the family is interested in having a story written about them!  Grrr!

It is quite possible that I’m just grumpy this morning, but there you go.  That’s what is irritating me today.  Cheers!