It's the End of the World as we Know it

I had CRAZY dreams last night. First, I had a dream that Jim and Pam from The Office were in. Which was fine. It was some post-apocalyptic world, where the dead had taken over.* Jim was having himself a little cry during a meeting or something, and Pam looked really stressed out, so I made him take a walk with me. We walked up this spiral parkade, and started to talk. I’m not sure, now, what we talked about, but he wasn’t doing well with the current situation, with the dead and stuff. So while we were walking, it seemed like the higher we got in the parkade, the more dead there were, and the more dead activity. We had to avoid the dirt, as it allowed the dead to touch us, and especially the wet spots, as they were indicative of the recent activity by the dead beings. So yeah, we walked around with our arms around each other, as he cried like a giant baby, and I tried to talk some sense into him. By the time we reached the third level, we decided to turn around, as the dirt was getting more frequent, and there were lots of corpses laying around in the parking stalls. For some reason, they couldn’t tell we were there as long as we stayed on the asphalt. Jim was very lazy and wasn’t good at avoiding the dirt/wet spots, so I had to steer him around. Anyway, when we got back to the group, he said that he was going to go for a walk again, and it was pretty sad because I knew that he wouldn’t come back. Eek!

Later, I had a dream in another post-apocalyptic world, but this time we were in a huge building trying to sneak around and find this dragon egg. We ended up finding it, but someone dropped it. It didn’t break, but it made a huge noise and we had to run, like crazy. It was really weird.

And finally, I had a dream where my friend Nicole was trying on all my Nana’s shoes, as Nana said that we could have which ever of her shoes that we wanted, and in my dream she had some pretty awesome shoes. Anyway, we were hunting for shoes in Nana’s old house while watching Veronica Mars, but I had to have a password to watch it, which was kind of weird. I was secretly happy because the majority of the shoes didn’t fit Nicole (her feet were too wide), but they fit me, so I got most of the shoes. Sweet!

So, those were my crazy dreams from last night. I hope that you enjoyed them as much as I did!!

*So these dreams might seem really macabre, but I totally blame it on the book I’m reading right now. Which sounds kind of bad. The book isn’t scary, and isn’t violent, but the premise is that there are necromancers who help people cross into the “9th gate” after they die. It’s actually a really good book, and I’m not sure why I was dreaming this. It didn’t scare me at all, it was more interesting then anything. Oh, and I’m aware that the book is FICTION, and that isn’t really what happens to people when they die.