It was the fast one! Did you hear the fast one?

Apparently?  Our baby swims all over the place.  The doctor could find the heartbeat yesterday, but only for a couple of beats at a time before she swam off to another portion of my uterus.  So, interesting, but it didn’t mean much to me.  The Dopplar system isn’t one that allows for a thud thud noise, but it makes different static noises.  So the doctor could totally pick them out, but we had a hard time hearing it.  I guess I feel a little better that she could hear the heart beat, I often wondered if the baby had died, or if I was even really pregnant.  Which it totally irrational, but I never claimed to be sane.

It was really cute.  The doctor (who is a woman) was all cute and happy when she was finding the heartbeat – she said that it’s her favourite part of her job, and that when she retires she’s going to tape a bunch of heartbeats like that so she can listen to it at home.  Funny!

My pap smear was more uncomfortable than usual, but I’m really glad that she didn’t use the brush part!  Eek!  Oh well, at least that’s done, and I don’t have to worry about it until after this baby is born!

I found a Fuji Finepix S9100 (the camera that I am obsessing over right now) at a local shop yesterday.  Hurrah!  Except that it’s $700!!!  So, do I spend the extra $100 to get it locally, where I know I can take it back if something happens, or do I buy one from ebay for $600 and hope and pray that it gets here ok, and that the warranty stands? 

I didn’t find a suit yesterday.  I found one that would have worked if they had a couple bigger sizes, but no such luck.  I’m off to a different walmart to see if they have the same one that I liked before, but not in white.  We’ll see.

All right, time to leave for my massage!  Have a great night!!