The First Appointment

Tomorrow, I have my first prenatal exam with my doctor.  Well, my first official exam, anyway.  I had a brief check up when I had some bleeding earlier in the pregnancy.  I’m pretty excited.  I have a lot of hopes of what we will cover, so I really hope that I’m not disappointed.  I know that she’ll check my weight and my blood pressure, which should both be ok.  At least, I assume it will, because my doctor has never commented on my weight before and I usually have reasonable blood pressure.  I know that we’ll run over my blood work from last time, and that she’ll do a pap smear and a pelvic exam.  I hope that she’ll cover what I should be expecting in the next months, and some warning signs that I should watch out for.  What I really, really hope is that she’ll have a dopplar system so we’ll be able to hear the baby’s heart beat.  That’s my truest wish, and I will definitely ask if she has the system so we can hear it.  Rob’s coming with me, so it will be a different kind of visit!

Can you believe that I am in my 11th week?  My first trimester is almost over!  I might get some energy back soon!  Actually, to be honest, I haven’t been feeling quite so exhausted lately, and I’ve been feeling much more hungry.  In fact, I usually wander around work chanting “hungry hungry hippo”.  I’ve, for some reason, always said that when I’m hungry, so I’m not calling myself names, rather repeating the name of a childhood game over and over again.

I have to find a new bathing suit in the next two or three days.  We have a pool party Saturday afternoon, and my suit doesn’t fit!  I found a great two piece at Walmart, but the size I need is only available in white.  I refuse to wear a white bathing suit, as it seems even more skanky to me then an itsy bitsy bikini  (something about the tease factor that you might be able to see through it). 

Speaking of itsy bitsy bikinis, has anyone else seen that yoghurt commercial with that song?  Am I the only person who wanted to run out and buy that yoghurt?  Yes?  No?  Maybe?  Does that just show my ease of brainwashing?  Eek!