I am Officially an Old Woman

I left for work a bit early this morning, kind of on purpose, kind of by accident.  I always aim to leave around 7:30, but don’t usually get out the door until 7:45.  I also didn’t really think about it, but the kids aren’t in school this week, so I should technically be able to leave really late and get here on time (less traffic).  So that’s my plan.  An extra half hour of sleep, and arriving still on time.  Ooh yeah.

I have officially crossed over into Senior Territory.  I climb three flights of exterior stairs to get into my building every morning, and usually they are fairly free of debris, ice and snow.  They are usually also covered in a layer of gravel, which will roll your heel if you’re wearing stilettos (not that I’m doing much of that lately – I’m such a slob), but I’ve managed to move beyond that.   Well, this morning, the maintenance guys didn’t come in early to make sure that the stairs were clear *.  It looks like the kids in the neighbourhood were very busy in the last few days, packing snow on the stairs to make a snowboarding ramp and a couple of jumps.  While I totally applaud their ingenuity, I really really just wanted to climb clear stairs this morning on my way to work.  Maybe I am just a little jealous that I’m too much of a chicken to do something like that?  Regardless, all I could think was “get off government property you punk kids”.

*  I have a beef with this.  Can’t they just start their morning schedule at 6:30 or something so they can take care of stuff like this before the staff arrives?  I mean, they don’t have to stay all day, or maybe they could run two shifts.  Why is it that I am the only one who’s thought of this?

I had real home made stuffing yesterday, and it was awesome.  Both my mother in law and my step mom make stovetop, so I was totally jonesing for the good stuff.  Mom even made extra, so that was pretty sweet as well.  I also managed to get a piece of white meat covered in skin, so I was really pumped about that.  I know that it’s fatty, but it was so stinking good!

My holidays were fine, and while I’m not happy to be back at work, it’s kind of nice to get into the same old routine.  In routines, there is comfort, no?