Shopping Trip

Today I went and filled out my baby registry at Babies R Us.  I can’t believe how expensive stuff is.  Seriously.  The highchair I want is almost $200!!!  Don’t even get started on the furniture I’ve picked out.  I seriously doubt that Rob will let me buy it.  The crib is $500, and the dresser is $600!!  I love it so so much, though.  It will look perfect in that room, too.  ::sigh::  We had a good time at the store (I went with my mom), and I tried out the stroller (I shopped with it).  We missed a lot of things, but that’s ok, I can add them later.  I seriously love the Fisher Price Rainforest set.  If you’re “up” on baby stuff, it’s a lot like the Ocean Wonder’s theme, only… rainforest stuff instead, like monkeys, frogs, lizards.  It’s nice and brightly coloured and will be perfect for a girl or boy.  I’ve also picked out my super awesome bedding, and it’s a safari print.  And for those of you who where wondering, it’s lightest colour is tan, so it will go with white bedding.  I also got to pick out bottles and breast pads and all sorts of fun stuff.  Oh!!!  And this bathtub rocks!  I want one for myself!

Anyway, after that, I went to Old Navy, to return a sweater and pick up a maternity one.  I went to try on the sweaters, and the first one looked horrible.  I don’t know if I’m just “puffy” today, or what, but it was horrible.  I am not trying to look skinny, this just made me look… dumpy.  Then I tried on one of their nice silky tank tops to go under the other sweater I had grabbed (note to Old Navy:  I’m pregnant!!!  I don’t want a V-Neck down to my crotch, thank you!  Have you seen maternity bras/nursing bras?  They are non-V-Neck compliant!  Bring your necklines up a bit so we all don’t have to wear eight layers of clothes every day!!!).  The tank top has a built in bra, which I thought nothing of, because it said MATERNITY right on it.  Apparently, Old Navy believes that PREGNANT WOMEN HAVE BOOBS THAT CAN BE COVERED BY FOUR INCHES OF FABRIC, THEN A TINY ELASTIC BAND.  This totally created a line across my chest, and for demonstrative purposes, it showed that the sweater looked fine with a tank top underneath it.  However, due to the double boob, and the crappy looking sweater before it, and the fact that my stand-by-always-fit jeans couldn’t be done up this morning, I had a good long cry in the change room.  I definitely left there puffy and red and unhappy.  I figured that I was in no mood to select which colour I wanted (I grabbed black and red), so I was going to take both home, and bring one back once I could decide.  But!  At the till, I found out that they were half off, so I was able to get both.  That made me feel a little bit better, but I still came home to read some more of my Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy (hilarious book, by the way), and have a nap.  That some how?  Caused serious pain in my hip.  Either that, or my bones are moving as we speak.

You know what I hate today?  I hate the fact that I am 10 weeks pregnant (all of 10 weeks preggo, probably more like 9, but the doctor and the internet are telling me different things – get it together, people) and I can’t wear a single thing that I had pre-pregnancy, except my socks.  I feel like a total lard-bucket, and that I’ve done nothing important with my weight gain.  There is no payoff at this point – the only thing I’ve got is heavier boobs, thighs, butt, and a paunchy tummy.  I really enjoy having a friend who’s also pregnant, but seeing her (at 20 weeks) flounce around in her pre-pregnancy jeans and t-shirts still chafes my butt a little.  I guess I don’t envy her the throwing up every day for her first trimester, but I’m a serious whale next to her.  I guess I’m just unhappy about being pregnant today.  I feel like a house, like I’m unattractive and ugly, that my skin is out of control and that nothing I wear is flattering or nice.