Stuff and Junk

Because that’s all that’s in my head these days… stuff and junk.

Hey.  The Wii’s finally getting a web browser.  According to this site, the Opera Web browser will be available for Nintendo’s Wii starting on Friday, putting the Internet onto a TV screen so that families can share the browsing experience. With the motion-sensor capabilities of the Wii controller, users can click on links or to zoom into any part of the screen. The remote also can be used with an on-screen keyboard to type in text entries.  Cool, eh?  While it won’t be used for head-to-head battle yet,  it means that’s on it’s way.  Personally, you won’t see me blogging from the TV any time soon, because I’m much faster with a real keyboard, versus a point and click system.

Avril Lavigne is making a come back with a new “fast, fun, young, bratty, aggressive, confident and cocky” album.  Which disappoints me.  I liked her aggressive and angry second album, Underneath My Skin.  I don’t particularly want to see her go back to the Let Go ways.  So, we’ll see how it goes.  Now that you all know my deepest darkest secret (that I listen to Avril Lavigne), I’m just going to go hide in a hole.

Ha ha ha!!!  Gwen Stefani is claiming that breast-feeding gives her super-human powers!  I’m interested – what kind of powers are those?  Heightened sense of smell?  X-ray vision?  Ability to stick to walls?  Yeesh, people!  All I have to say is that if she’s still breast-feeding when the boy is two, I’m going to totally gag.  And, I’ll even start turning the channel when her Hollaback Girl video comes on.  [aside:  Seriously?  She’s 37.  Wouldn’t she want to leave high school behind her?  Far behind her?]

Did you hear?  Paris Hilton is engaged?  Again?  To another Greek shipping heir?  Why do these guys keep proposing?  Eek!  I wouldn’t want to use the washroom after her, let alone marry her and sleep in the same bed.  She’s grody.

There’s a farmer in Ontario who was on a hunger strike for running a dairy farm without a license.  He apparently believe in raw (unpasteurized) milk.  While I do believe, for the most part, that each person should be allowed to chose what to put into their body, there is no way that I think that anyone should be selling unpasteurized milk.   If you chose to have a cow in your yard (and you’re allowed), and you want to get fresh cream every morning for your cereal?  I will not stop you.  However, the majority of people expect milk that is for sale to be pasteurized, and may not look at the label.  As a preggo lady, I wouldn’t get near a glass of unpasteurized milk, as it’s pretty unsafe (for most people, not just pregnant women).  Ugh.  Anyway, this guy has been convinced to end his hunger strike so he can be strong enough to “continue to fight to allow raw milk”.  I guess if that’s what he wants to do… he should still have a license and be inspected and all that.  I mean, no inspections/license is just problems waiting to happen.

Personally I’ve got nothing going on, unless you want to hear all about the benefits of Mary Kay.  No?  Then I’ll shut up.