Random Bits

Hey Steen!  Guess what?  Someone got to my site by searching “steenface tanning”.  So, apparently your tan is legendary, or at least the world wide web wants to know about it! I’ve also turned up the following gems:

  • Foo Foo Ninja Bunny (hun, who else would be searching for that?)
  • Facts about vodun (didn’t you know?  I’m a total fount of knowledge on that topic… or not)
  • Working at Booster Juice (this I did do, and it was not so bad.  Yummy drinks!)
  • Norleena (this I don’t understand at all, but whatever!)
  • Hate Nylons blog (if someone really has a blog all about hating nylons, that’s kind of weird, but maybe interesting, too!)
  • Caitlin Sweet (an author that I have read and didn’t really enjoy)
  • The Legend of the Eight Samarai picture (uh, don’t know, sorry!)

On Sunday, I got to call 911.  This has been the excitement of my weekend, so bear with me.  We were driving to church on a fairly major two laned road.  There was a cube van in front of us, stopped at the stop light, but he was kind of angled towards our lane.  We let him start, and it’s a good thing we did, as he kind of swerved into our lane, and we honked.  Angrily.  Then sped past him.  Apparently, this wasn’t the best idea, because at the next stop light, he almost didn’t stop, and nearly rear-ended us!  We started to freak out at this point, as the light turned green and we drove off.  He just sat there.  I watched behind us, and as he decided to drive down the road, he used both lanes, weaving all around.  So, I called the cops.  It was pretty interesting, and I felt pretty bad that we didn’t get his license plate number, and we didn’t stick around to be able to advise which way he went.  I gave the best description that I could, but I just really hope that they were able to catch him and take that maniac off the road.  I guess he was either drunk, high or sleeping.  But seriously, quite scary.

I could have been somewhat grumpy already because Rob had rushed the train tracks, once the lights turned on.  He knew that I have an irrational fear of crossing the tracks when there ISN’T a train there, so it was very scary to know that the arms were coming down and OH MY GOODNESS A TRAIN IS COMING!!!  Anyway, we obviously got through it unscathed, although I was pretty mad.  It wasn’t really a big deal, but it really bugged me at the time.

Our city council has decided to increase our property taxes by about 6%, which will be about $150 or so for the average home owner.  While I don’t contest this too much – we are an expanding (WINTER) city that seems to not own snow plows and can’t seem to keep our streets well policed, and I’m all for forking up an extra $150 a year to have a safer city and to be able to drive without getting stuck.  What I’m not all for is that the same city council is deciding to give themselves a 13% raise!  This isn’t a cost of living raise.  We all don’t get 13% raises every year.  I really contest this – my tax dollars are paying their salary and I don’t get a say?  I’m all for them getting a cost of living raise, along with the rest of us.  You know, between 1-5%?  That’s the raise I’m ok with.  I don’t discount the work they do.  I’m sure that it’s hard and stuff… but seriously?  13%?  Yeah, that makes me a little cranky.