Funny Little Things

I’ve realized that I have a pretty funny little superstition about my pregnancy.  It wasn’t something that I consciously decided or even realized until the other day.  Thing is, I have a bucket with all my “feminine hygiene” products in it.  It usually lives in the cupboard, but for some reason, it didn’t make it back there since the last time I needed it (end of October).  Now, I don’t want to put it away because I think that I think that if I put it away, that I’ll need it again, and that something will go horribly wrong.  Is that crazy?  Most definitely.  Will I be putting it away any time soon?  I just don’t think so.  What about those of you with kids.  Did you have any weird superstitions like this?  The most common one that I’ve heard of is that they won’t buy anything for the baby before a certain point, like it will jinx it, or something.

I’ve been feeling kind of complainy lately, so here are a few things that I love right now.  I like how shiny and oil-free my hair has been for the last month.  It’s so happy!  It lies down nice and flat!  I have a nice leave-in conditioner that has banished The Static Electricity that seems to live in my hair from November to May.  My nails (although they are a lot more ridgey) are much stronger than before.  Maybe it’s all the extra nutrients in my body, but whatever the reason, sweet action!  I have to say that I haven’t had any issues with my teeth (yet), which makes me very happy because I am super sensitive about my teeth.  And the thing that I love the most?  Is that the baby “wants” stuff.  Like chocolate.  And a new sweater.  That kind of stuff.

I’m also stoked because I found two pairs of pants that fit, and are comfortable on Saturday.  The best part is that I got them from the Roots Outlet Store, so I only paid $20 for the jeans and $30 for the khaki’s.  They aren’t maternity pants, either, so that is good.  They have some room in them too, so they should last me a couple more months, at least.  I went and looked at maternity jeans on Friday, but all their jeans were too tight in the thigh and too loose in the waist.  I guess that they’ll fit better once I’m bigger, but it was really frustrating because I need jeans now, not when I’m bigger!  Boo.  But yeah, much happier about the pants situation now!  I seriously packed up more than half of my wardrobe, with stuff that’s just a little too tight right now.  I was wearing a lot of stuff that was probably a little too tight before the pregnancy, and just decided I wasn’t cool with my buttons pulling anymore.  Besides, those things wouldn’t be wearable in a few more weeks (apparently, my boobs are supposed to grow starting this week.  Goody for me).  So I packed it all up and put it downstairs to pull out once I become fantastically slender after this baby (ha ha ha!).  I am doing some wishful thinking, here, but I’m ok with that.

So.  How did your weekend shape up?  Anything great happen?  What about your coming week, anything to be excited about?