The One Where I Tell You the News

1.  So New York (the city) has actually voted to outlaw trans fats, by July 2008.  I think that’s pretty interesting, albeit a little bit out of the government’s area of control.  So by this bill, all restaurants/food places must replace the substance in their products and processes by July 2008.  I’m glad to see that the date is more than a year away, as it will give the owners time to find alternatives, and to possible change recipes, etc.  It still could be quite catastrophic for small business owners, as a huge and major switch like that could end up sinking their business.

2.   The Simpson Legacy Lives on!  Apparently, Jessica Simpson can’t remember the lyrics to Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5”, then flubbed an apology and rushed off stage.  When she came back on stage with the other singers, she appeared to be in tears.  How embarrassing!  While I feel somewhat sorry for her… I really don’t, all at the same time!

3.  Did you know that Nintendo moved their Spanish release of the Wii from December 8th to the 9th, due to the Immaculate Conception Day, where everyone tries to get pregnant without having sex.  No, I’m kidding.  Obviously, it’s a religious holiday, focusing on Mary and Jesus.  But they close everything down that day, so it doesn’t make sense to release a console system on a day when none of the stores are open!

4.  My church nativity scene?  Doesn’t have a Joseph.  Is that messed up or what?  (yes, it’s news.  Because it’s new, to you!)

5.  Holy Crap – if you live in Brazil, count on spending over $1,000 for your Wii (US Dollars).  I wonder why it’s so much?

6.  I heard that Brittney Spears remembered her underwear when she went out to celebrate her 25th birthday the other day.  Unfortunately, she didn’t forget to show everyone.  ::sigh::