The One in Which You Jump Up and Down With Glee

Hi!  How are you all?  I’m doing pretty good!  I have some exciting news!  Are you ready for it?  I’m finally pregnant!  Yay!

I’ve been holding out on you for the last week so we could tell our families first, and our closest friends.  But now we’re announcing it to the Internet.  We haven’t told everyone at church yet, and we are planning to in the next few weeks.

So for everyone who wants details, here they are:  I’m due around August 1, 2007, which puts me at approximately 6 weeks along.   I’ve been feeling pretty good, with a lot of tender body parts, and some very slight nausea.  I’m really tired, which is to be expected, but I’m in pretty good spirits.  I’ve noticed some mood swings (like almost starting to cry when Rob licked his lips before kissing me this morning – which?  I hate it when he does that), but nothing too severe.

Also – yes, I am on pre-natal vitamins.  No, I haven’t started to decorate the nursery yet, but I have started to wear a few maternity type outfits.  My pants don’t fit very good any more (mostly due to changes in uterus and bowels, I am sure), and they hurt to wear, so I have been living in my comfy pants, plus a pair of maternity dress pants.  My sister gave me a few items to wear (most of them are for the third trimester, when I really start to show), but I’m really looking forward to shopping with my friend Nicole (also preggo).

Please don’t be surprised if you see crappy posts from me in the next three months.  I’m tired, and therefore not thinking.  I will try to make intelligent thoughts and all that good stuff, but I can’t guarantee anything!

Anyway, I’ve got to go do stuff, but hugs and kisses to you all!