The One Which Causes People To Hate Me

Steven Harper, Canada’s fearless leader, is trying to bring the question of the legality of gay marriage back to the House of Commons for a re-vote. There tends to be differing opinions on this topic – and I don’t expect everyone to agree. I know that you may or may not agree with me, and I’m cool with that.

My view of marriage is that it is a religious thing, that marriage came from the Bible (and other religions too), and that the government really shouldn’t have any part of it. I honestly think that there should be two kinds of marriages, and two different procedures.

I think that anyone who wants to, and fits the criteria (ie. not brother/sister, must be of their majority, etc.) should be able to sign a document at the courthouse to “create a union” or whatever term we can think of. I think that’s fine. I have no problem with gay people sharing benefits, being responsible for each other, having those final rights in case someone dies, etc. I have absolutely no issue with any of that. While I have some pretty conservative views on homosexuality itself, I don’t think that I would want to say that they don’t deserve to have the right to take care of each other, to live together, and to benefit from living together.

I know that in my church, the rules for renting the church and having a ceremony performed state that the union must be between a man and a woman. I assume that this protects them from having to perform a wedding if the officials in the church don’t want to, but I guess I worry a bit. What happens if suddenly a church MUST perform the ceremony? Do you think it will ever get there? What will happen to religious freedom if it does?

I’m really interested to see how this vote will go in the House. I know that this is more just a campaign promise that Harper put out there – and good for him to actually be keeping his promises, but I hope that it will be put forth to a referendum so the whole country can vote on it, and it can be settled. This way, it won’t be politically driven, and it won’t be just a bunch of big-wig’s deciding – it will be every person who gets off of his or her bum to go to the polls.

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