I Remember!

I was going to tell you all about a dream, wherein I was bit by a rat.  But now I forget most of it, except that I woke up completely freaked the heck out.  And I tried to fall back asleep, but I couldn’t.  Good think my alarm went off 10 minutes later.

That was all.  I think I also had a dream about digging through the trash, but I don’t remember.  Except that my teacher Mr. Pauls, from high school, was there.  We were fundraising for a mission trip or something.

Google chat + Beka + me = ultimate in happiness!  🙂


14 thoughts on “I Remember!

  1. I had such a weird dream the other nite that when i was woken up by my 3 year old, i was like ‘who are you?’. my husband told me that i said that the next day, i totally dont remember. and whats with this google chat?? i hear about it on these blogs….how do i find it?

  2. Dare – yes our MUCH OLDER evil step-sisters! 😛

    Mad mom – that’s so weird! Google chat is part of gmail, so you have to have that to get google chat.

  3. Kait, I don’t think I have you on my Google Chat… do I? Am I just retarded? (EVERYONE ELSE: SHUT UP! I DIDN’T ASK YOU!!!) 😛

  4. You know, rsm, I’m not sure that you’re on mine either. I also notices that Kimblahg isn’t either. I think we have to add each other individually as contacts.

  5. It’s more like IM then chat, you should send me an email at ceiliejordan AT yahoo DOT com, and I’ll send you my gmail address. Then we can chat! 🙂

  6. No way! I get no notification of when comments come in. Means I have to come here, navigate through your posts and check for replies. IMHO you should cross post. 😀

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