The Internet Shuts Down for American Holidays

I’m expecting today to be incredibly boring (online) because everyone who lives in the States is off drinking and eating turkey.  While things around here have been quiet lately, I assume that this will be the quietest day and HOPEFULLY next Monday everyone will be back with a vengeance!

Random Things You Don’t Care About:

  • I am drinking cranberry and apple cider, but it’s kind of weak.  I did it on purpose, but it’s too weak now (it’s from a powdered mix and that can often be too strong).
  • I had to keep my windshield defrost on HIGH for the whole drive here, because the snow would immediately melt and then freeze on my windshield.  Visibility was low this morning (I could see through the lower, more important half during the drive, but the top are was frozen solid).
  • It is snowing fairly heavily out, and I can hardly see the building that’s not quite a block away.  This is some pretty thick snow.
  • My breakfast cheese string tasted kind of like plastic this morning, which is a big ew.
  • I made, addressed and sealed 12 Christmas cards last night, bring my (still unfinished) list to 23.  Yeah, that’s going to be an expensive postal bill.  But whatever!  You are all worth it!

And I have nothing else to say.  For right now.  But you should go read about Tesco’s first mohawk over under Blank Forever (too lazy to link).