Today's To-Do

I know this is boring, but it’s what you get for right now.

  1. Clean the bathroom
  2. Tweeze eyebrows into submission
  3. Sort and start Laundry
  4. Get back massage
  5. Fill out Blue Cross forms
  6. Write more Christmas Cards
  7. Go grocery shopping
  8. Chop up all the veggies from the shopping trip
  9. Call my sister and brother
  10. Go to nephew’s birthday part
  11. Organize next week’s youth group event

And not done in that particular order. 


Edit:  I guess the rest is on tomorrow’s list!


2 thoughts on “Today's To-Do

  1. Today is grocery shopping here too, thanks for remding me- I gotta finish the list! And that’s a great idea to cut the veggies right after the trip. I’m going to do that tonight!

    BTW, I replied to you in my blog 🙂

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