Wii Just Can't Wait!

For those of you who have spent any time with me, you should know that I am fairly nuts over videogames, and specifically over Nintendo.  Nintendo is the partyline in our house, and I tow it happily.

So you can imagine my excitement as the release date for the Wii (said “wee”) draws closer.  While we aren’t rushing out to buy one on release date (waiting until January, when we can afford it), we are very interested in hearing reviews, and trying out our friends’ system (they’re buying it for Christmas).  I think that it’s super exciting, and that it will change the face of gaming.

I was throwing around lots of different blog titles this morning while I drove to work, like “Wii will get off the couch” or just “Off the couch gaming”, “Wii really need one of these” and pretty much every other “We” pun I could think of.  Yeah, I’m lame like that.

For those of you who don’t know very much about the system, here’s the run down:  It’s a very small and compact system – only the size of about three stacked dvd cases (8.5″L x 6″W x 2″ thick).  While they tossed around the idea of making them available in many different colours, they ended up with white (not my choice, but what can you do).   It can be set up to stand up vertically or horizontally, complimenting any TV set up (akin to the Xbox 360, only smaller and prettier).  The Wii has a wireless internet connection (you just need to be able to facilitate the wireless-ness) that stays connected 24/7, allowing the system to update itself regularly and can even download cool surprises for you.  If that isn’t cool with you, I’m sure that you could unplug it.  The cool thing about this is that you can download all of the retro Nintendo games, so there is no need for multiple systems.  Also, it will connect with the DS, so you don’t have to worry about finding wires to connect up with it (like the gamecube and the gameboy Advance).  It’s also compatible with the gamecube controllers, memory cards, and games.  The only downfall of this is that you have to have the gamcube controllers to play gamecube games on your Wii.  The major plus is that if you’ve invested in the gamecube and have hundreds of games (like we do), you don’t need to keep both systems, and you’re not going to have to buy all new games to get the maximum entertainment value.

The coolest feature?  Is the point that it’s going to get you off the couch.  Seriously.  The game that comes with the system is Wii Sports.  So, if you’re playing tennis, you better believe that it isn’t about mashing buttons any more.  You have to get up, and swing to hit that ball.  Yes, you heard me correctly – you have to make the motion of hitting the ball.  It’s the same with golf, bowling, boxing, and baseball.  What’s cool is you get to make your own little character (Mii) and compete against your friends, and thus increasing your skill.  You can play up to four players at a time, similar to the gamecube.

Ok, so I’m attaching some pictures for you to have a look.  Be sure to view them, you will be impressed.

Wii System

Wii Controller <– click this one to make it bigger.

Wii Players

Wii Tennis

For more information, look here.

I’m not usually one to bash other products, but if you’re considering buying a new console system for someone on your list, I would pick this over the PS3, mainly due to availability issues.  Sony is only releasing about 200,000 PS3’s to North American, and only about 10% are actually coming to Canada.  You do the math – what are your chances of getting one?  The Wii retails for $279.99.  I know that the Walmart by my house is getting 80 systems in.  They don’t even know how many PS3’s they are getting, if they end up with any.


6 thoughts on “Wii Just Can't Wait!

  1. I’m looking forward to the Wii as well, especially playing franchises I know and love (Metroid, Zelda, etc) in a new way. I’ve tried to get excited about the PS3, I really have, but when I see news stories about its launch I just keep wondering, “how can the kind of guys who don’t go to work for three days to wait in line actually afford a system with almost a $700 pricetag?”

  2. What I’m finding is that a lot of people don’t know that there are two versions of the ps3 – one with a huge memory/hard drive ($700) and one with a very small memory/hard drive (closer to $400). The thing that gets me is that it boasts about it’s High Def abilities, but they don’t talk about how you have to have a specific resolution on your TV to actually make that work.

  3. No, it’s not that you need a good tv, it’s that not all HDTV’s will view the PS3’s HDTV capabilities. So even if you have a great tv, it’s not going to look as good.

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