The Pain of Christmas

I am aware that it is November 14, and that Christmas shouldn’t be chafing my butt already.  But it is.  It seems that each year the Christmas stuff gets put out earlier and earlier, and that everything is more expensive.  It also seems that every person has more stories of Christmas Gone Wrong.

You won’t find that here.  I won’t put up a cheesy Christmas themed layout until at least December 20th, if I do at all.  You won’t be accosted by carols on this site.

And honestly?  I won’t even talk about Christmas shopping.  Because as of 7 pm tonight?  I’ll be completely done.  I have most of my gifts ready to be wrapped, all laid out on our spare bed, safely out of reach of the cats.  But, I didn’t write this post to talk about my presents, all ready for wrapping with price tags removed.

My pain isn’t an emotional one.  It isn’t about how we dropped hundreds of dollars yesterday.  It isn’t even about how much of a pain all the crowds are.

No, this pain is about my legs.  Dear sweet sweet peapods, my legs are KILLING me!  I am far more tired than I have been from my hardest workouts.  My legs hurt more today then any time after I’ve run – even when I was running 10 Km’s.  My calves, my shins AND my thighs hurt.  My back is fine, but even my arms are fatigued.  I can’t believe how much of a sissy I am.  Serious sissy.

So that is what Christmas Pain means to me.  Now, I am going to go finish my day, stop one last time at the mall, then go home and watch my dvr’d copy of The Class.


13 thoughts on “The Pain of Christmas

  1. I totally want to ruin the ending of The Class for you because YOU SHOULD NOT BE DONE SHOPPING ALREADY! It’s just not fair to the rest of us.
    You can’t see me… but I’m totally glaring at you right now.

  2. No! Don’t ruin it! That wouldn’t be kind, and I know how much you like being kind, Carrisa! Isn’t my pain enough? Isn’t it?

    And my goodness, I love that stupid show!

    Bex – you just wish you were there. We would have bought the mall.

  3. Dare – glad to have made your day!

    Hanna – I am sending your Christmas and Birthday presents together, so when you open the package, you’ll be opening both. I apologize, but it’s the way it has to be. So it’s up to you when you open it. Now, I just have to decide on which thing to get you for Christmas…

    Oh, and if you all want to hate me more – all my presents are wrapped, and I’m 1/4 of the way through my Christmas Cards. Ha ha, suckers!

    And the class? Was awesome!

  4. Katia I miss your tabulas presence. When I hit “friends”…you are gone 😦

    Were you wearing bad shoes during the shopping extravaganza? I hope that you still make time for Christmas baking so when I come to see you I have something to dip in my tea/coffee 😉

  5. Dare – I do all this (except for the actual shopping) while watching TV. Because otherwise I would never get it done. I totally need a tv in the kitchen so I can multi-task down there too.

    Carolyn – Awww… just mark me under your links or something, and then you can just check it. I do update just about every day! 🙂

    I will have Christmas baking, but I won’t be doing that until december sometime. My freezer is too packed to do it ahead of time.

  6. i can’t believe you have your shopping done!!! I havn’t started yet! I am taking James to the Santa Claus parade this weekend though 🙂

  7. Hey Kait,
    hope you don’t mind my dropping by and reading your blog. Your new site looks great! Congrats on finishing all your Christmas shopping so early, Wow!

    I thought I’d offer a silly bit of advice for your aching legs: High heels. I know it sounds strange, but I’ve been running marathons for a few years now, and nothing helps to ease the post-run pain better than a pair of high heels. At first I thought I was weird, but I found out later that a lot of (female) runners use high heels to relieve leg pain after a distance run or a hard workout.

    A nice hot bath is great too 🙂


  8. Nadia!!! ::hugs:: I miss you! I’m so glad that you dropped by!

    I’ll definitely give the heels a try – it will at least make my legs look better! Ha ha ha…

    Dee – it so DOESN’T count! And on Saturday? Dare and I are drinking Timmies WITHOUT YOU!!! Ha ha ha! I mean, I love you!

    Foo – that will be so much fun! I think that James will really love that!

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