Why do they call it a crush? Because that's how you feel when they don't feel the same way in return

Today, I would like to talk about my girl-crushes.  Girl crushes aren’t my way of saying that I’m a lesbian or bi.  Girl-crushes usually have nothing to do with sexuality at all.  With all of my girl crushes, it’s usually because I’m enamored with a specific person, or specific people… and it is usually because they’re funny, or they’re smart, etc.

My biggest girl crush is on !beka, who I like to call Bex.  She’s pretty and funny and a good christian girl that I can totally relate too.  She can really rock the eyeliner, and has black hair with heavy bangs, like how I used to wear mine.  So yeah. 

Bex lives in my sub-concious.  I know that I dream about her quite often, although I can’t always remember my dreams.  When I do dream about her, it’s pretty funny.  The last one I remember, she was sick in the hospital so I swam through a lake to bring her some black eyeliner.  Because?  She can’t get better without eyeliner!

Bex’s blog is pretty fun, so check it out.  The link?  Is up there.  And yeah.  Get out of my head, lady!

I also have a girl-crush on Carrisa who is also super funny and amusing.  She’s snarky (in a good way) which is always fun.  I had a dream about her too… I drove to a nearby city to visit her (that’s where she was staying), except that I couldn’t tell Rob because he’d be mad.  Which was just weird.  But she was really nice and we had a good visit.  Her blog is also super fun, so you should read that too.  And?  I think I have some money left over this month, so I’m definitely going to get me a hoodie.

The last person that I have a girl crush on is Attention Whore.  This is a weird girl crush because I get to meet her next weekend (::squee!::).  She’s bringing her daughter in to town for a dance competition, and we’re going to meet up for a decaf, non alcoholic drink.  It shall be great fun.  AW is also a fun, snarky girl.  I don’t know why I like snarky girls so much – maybe it’s becuase they have the nerve to say things that I don’t.  I could see myself admiring that in a person.

Do you have any girl-crushes?



10 thoughts on “Why do they call it a crush? Because that's how you feel when they don't feel the same way in return

  1. Yeah me!
    I am so weirdly nervous about next weekend…
    This is why I cannot go to Blogher, I would have an anxiety attack before I got there.

  2. My issue is that if I went to blogher, I would just end up withdrawing into myself because I’m actually quite shy when it comes down to it. And everyone would be all “what’s wrong with Kait, she’s a total loser! She’s OWWWT!!!” And then I would die.

    So… don’t be all “you’re OWWWT” next weekend. It might kill me.

  3. I have bunches of girl crushes at any given time, usually because I want to be just like them. Mine change often, but they’re usually rollergirls since I am way into roller derby!

  4. Eeeeee!! I feel so special 😀 Thanks for all the nice stuff you said!

    And if I go to blogher? We can sit in the corner and be shy together 🙂

  5. James! I have a crush on Hugh Laurie too!!! 😆

    Bex – it’s a deal. Then, we can go to church on Sunday, because I’ll feel guilty if I don’t! 😆 And thanks! ::blushes::

    Dee – that’s what you get for deserting the great province in which Dare and I live!!! 😛

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