Tell us your favorite songs / types of music for…

1. Getting in the mood to party:

Beastie Boys are usually pretty good for this.

2. When you’re depressed:

Counting Cars by Snow Patrol

3. When you’re in lust:


4. Exercising:

Anything with a good beat. Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, 50 cent, etc.

5. Driving / riding in the car:

I especially like driving to Blue October, Eve 6, and Minor Threat

Some influential music lessons early in a child’s life could help them excel in the musical arts.


4 thoughts on “Tell us your favorite songs / types of music for…

  1. Bahh. My comment section ate my comment.

    My favourite song by them is X-Amount of Words. I am not sure why, I just love it.

    Anyway, have a great weekend with the Parental Units. And only 7 more sleeps! ::squee::

  2. 1. Queens of Noize – “Indie Boys (Don’t Deserve It)”
    (a) regular depressed – Heartbreak-era Ryan Adams
    (b) breakup depressed – Beck’s album Sea Change
    3. Nelly Furtado!
    4. LCD Soundsystem, Nine Inch Nails
    (a) by day: Wilco
    (b) by night: Radiohead – OK Computer

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