My To Do List AKA Do You Love Me Enough to Read This?

Here we go, probably in this order, too:

  1. Get out of bed (this one is the most important)
  2. Pour self into robe and stumble downstairs
  3. Stare at the log-in screen at the computer for precisely one minute
  4. Log in to computer
  5. Open an internet browser or four
  6. Get up and get something to drink, a cheese string and three cold low-fat turkey sausages
  7. Plunk self back in from of computer
  8. Eat food and drink
  9. Check blog for comments and reply as necessary
  10. Scratch head
  11. Update blog
  12. Go through blogroll and comment on almost every site (this takes a while)
  13. Check email three or four times
  14. Go to chatzy
  15. Be disappointed no one is online to chat
  16. Log off computer
  17. Put on exercise gear, and contemplate going back to bed
  18. Scratch neck, and pull exercise bra off of shoulders for sweet relief
  19. Start car with fancy new starter
  20. Go to the gym
  21. Run on the treadmill for exactly 30 minutes, without music because I fried my mp3 player
  22. Go home
  23. Get into a very hot shower
  24. Sleep standing up for approximately 3 minutes
  25. Finish in shower and get dressed
  26. Pack for the long weekend
  27. Call Rob to see if I forgot anything
  28. Pack the car for the trip out to the cabin
  29. Sit and check blog, commenting and updating as necessary
  30. Scratch back (the air is dry!  I am itchy!)
  31. Scratch the cats and make them both purr
  32. Lock up the house and head across town
  33. Pick up Nicole and leave for the cabin
  34. Relax until Rob arrives at cabin with Curtis (Nicole’s husband)
  35. Wait until all the other couples arrive at the cabins, and start to paaaaarrr-tay
  36. Go to bed far too late, and wake up grumpy.

As for right now?  I’m going to bed.  Catch you all at the ass-crack of dawn tomorrow!


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