I wish this was a real post!

Ok, I’m slacking, I know.  I honestly have nothing much to write about, so I’ll try to come up with something.

Here’s something – I’m designing a graphic invitation for something to do with work, and I’m all done, all .pdf’d and everything… and I realized that I have a typo in it.  So, I’ve got to redo a bunch of stuff, and now I am totally going to punch myself in the throat.

Did I ever mention how much I hate formatting documents?  Consider yourselves now informed.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love making things line up and look pretty, but the petty moving around, adding a space there, etc. makes me want to throw my computer out the window.  I’m quite sure that traditional type-setters had it much worse, but still.  Bah.  At least that way if you put something somewhere, it stayed there.  ::sigh::

Well, it’s coffee time, so I am going to go do that.  Ha ha ha on you!


3 thoughts on “I wish this was a real post!

  1. I’m behind on writing an ethics proposal for a psych study I’m developing for my internship, so I can understand the slacking. And the typos. Last time I wrote up something for the internship, I missed a lot.

  2. James! Don’t do it! Don’t procrastinate!

    Kim – I used a free template from the WordPress themes system. If you need help with your blogger template, I’m ace at installing those.

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