Memo to Starbucks, And my Ode to the Goo Goo Dolls

I was running early this morning (I know, even with so little sleep, I can even be early), so I hit the local Star-to-the-bucks.  I wanted a non-fat Venti Tea Misto (earl grey) with vanilla.  They didn’t have earl grey.  So I thought I would get the pumpkin spice latte.  They were out of the pumpkin spice.  So I settled on a non-fat venti chai latte – the kind from the mix.  This was fine (woot!), but they had no interac!!!!  Anger!  Death!  Frustration!  But they gave me my drink for free, because it wasn’t what I wanted, and I didn’t have any cash.  So that was really nice of them, but I was not too happy about them not having stock of… well… anything.

The Goo last night were so good.  Steen?  You were so right – they put on an excellent show.   Johnny Rzeznik?  So hot in real life (can I say that?).  But I have to say that the better performer?  Was Robby Takac, the basist.  While he didn’t have the same sex appeal, I think he totally brought his game face – jumping all over the stage, making eye contact with the crowd (a lot), and making hilarious faces while he played.  By far, he out performed his band members.

I liked the chit-chat that Johnny made, and it was funny to hear him say that once civil war broke out in the states (over the election and the gay marriage thing) that he was looking for a nice girl or guy to marry and get citizenship from settle down with here in Canada 🙂   There was a girl who he kept referring to as his future ex-wife, which was amusing until she got off the person she was with’s shoulders and decided to crowd surf.  How frustrating!

Their song list was pretty good, although I was disappointed that they didn’t play a few of my favourites… but if they were to play everyone’s favourite song, it would have been a very very long concert.   The did a pretty good job, and I do have to say that they sound good live.  They’re not one of those bands that sounds like a cat in the blender on stage, and great on their albums.  And I was really happy to see that Robby got to sing three or four songs – which was awesome (can you tell who my favourite is?).  I know that none of his songs have been “hits” but I always love them.

When we first walked in, we bought our stuff, then headed into the arena and got to stand about two or three people back from the front, so we had prime standing space (minus the crowd, etc.).  As we were standing there for a long time, I realized that there were over 40 guitars on stage.   Can you say “you know you’re a rock star when…”?  They had guitar changed every song.  But they had a crew, and as soon as the song was done, there was a guy standing behind both Johnny and Robby waiting to replace their guitars – even the guy playing keys/sax/guitar had changes, and I think their lead guitarist did too.  It make sense, really – a lot of their songs are in really weird tunings, so it makes sense that they wouldn’t want to sit there and retune their guitar between every song.  That would take a lot of time and probably break a lot of strings.  They were a finely tuned machine – they play the land chord and the guys were there with fresh guitars, with hardly a break.  The coolest thing?  Johnny and Robby both had wireless guitars!  So they could walk all over the stage and jump around and not worry about their cords getting in the way.  That was the coolest thing ever.  They also had lots of flashy lights and curtains with LED’s which was really cool – except that we couldn’t see the images as we were too close.  But dude.  So awesome.  And the best part?  We were home by 11 pm.
Anyway, I have tons of pictures on Rob’s phone, so I’ll have to upload them to the computer and put them up here.  I know that you’re dying to see my out of focus pictures, and ones where there is nothing to see due to funky stage lighting.

Here are a couple pictures for you right now:

Note:  Please excuse the fat belly.  It’s my tribute to Robby Takac  on the way out.  Also, the jacket has writing on the bum.  I can’t believe that I bought it.  I broke every rule. 


6 thoughts on “Memo to Starbucks, And my Ode to the Goo Goo Dolls

  1. So glad you had a good time! That is some cute loot. I really like the jacket.

    Glad to hear they don’t sound like a cat in a blender. I hate that (then again, does anyone really like the sound of a cat in a blender? Lets hope not.)!! It’s so disappointing when that happens.

    I am waiting with bated breath for fuzzy pictures of stage lighting, haha.

  2. Ashley – they’re on Rob’s phone, so I’ll put them up either tonight or tomorrow morning (had to email them to myself!). So don’t hold your breath, but bated breath is ok! 🙂

  3. Mike – I’ve missed your commenting! You should come by a little more often!

    And yeah, the jacket is a little 80’s, isn’t it? And it’s an ok element. Not like skinny jeans and horizontal stripes. Those will always be bad! 😀

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