We build statues out of snow, and weep to see them melt

I didn’t post yesterday because our computer is not hooked up, because Rob is setting up our shiny new media center.  So that is my excuse.  And I’ll let myself slide because I often post several times a day.  So, no lack of words coming out of this blog!

At church yesterday, my youth Sunday school class ended early, so we went up to the church library.  All the girls love being in there, but not very many are the nerdy, studious type.  The did look at the books and take quite a few out, and shockingly enough to me – they all picked non-fiction.  I had a hard time believing it, but I guess it’s pretty cool.  It’s good to see that they’re interested in learning as well as interested in  just reading, but yeah.  I was surprised.  Mainly because I pretty much ONLY read for fun, and rarely read for learning.  So while I was at my sister’s yesterday, I noticed that they had a Blessing Marketplace (a bible bookstore type place), and found a few books in there that the girls might think are interesting.  I’ll have to mention them to the church librarian.

Wow!  You’re still reading?  How bored are you?

Seriously?  Snow.  Everywhere.  And it just keeps falling.  On the plus side, it keeps Nybbles (our kitten) quite entertained, watching it out the back window.

So I am done boring you with my lame blog post.  I’ll be back with something cooler later.