Ay, every inch a king

So.  My official weigh in results:

I have lost no inches on my arms.

I have lost 1/2″ off my chest

I have lost 2″ off my waist

I have lost no inches off my lower abs (around the belly button)

I have lost 1.5″ off my hips

I have lost 2″ off my thighs (each)

My calf measurements have not changed, and I went from 166 to 161 lbs.


I’m ok with those results.  I didn’t work really hard, and I did an ok job.  My goals for this next month are:

  • Go to the gym 3 times a week, no matter what
  • Lose 6 pounds – to come down to about 155 lbs
  • See a change in the measurements that didn’t change last time

I went for a run while at the gym (treadmill), and I was able to run for half an hour.  So, I don’t know what happened Wednesday night when I was barely able to run for 10 minutes.  I’m feeling pretty good about that, and about my weight/size lost, so yeah.  Go me. 😆


5 thoughts on “Ay, every inch a king

  1. Thanks! This next five pounds will be hard, though. And the five pounds after that? Even harder. It’s going to get to a point where I’m at the gym every day. I know it. Bah, this whole losing weight thing sucks!

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