Leaving Earth

Emily heard all the broadcasts over the radio for the past few months.  She knew that the Invasion was likely, and that she would be shipped out with the rest of the royal family.  She knew that they would end up colonizing a new planet and exploring.

None of that bothered her.  The trip, the new life, the unknown.  What bothered her was no choice in what she could wear. 

So instead of picking one spacesuit, she bought the store.  Now she would be sure that her wardrobe would be sufficiently supplied.  She would be the trendsetter in outer space. 


6 thoughts on “Leaving Earth

  1. You have a writing class? Do you teach it or take it?

    So cool!

    And I would. If you were closer, and I wasn’t so busy 😦

    I miss writing. Earlier this year I had a great bit of writing done, but it’s gone, as it was tied to a very horrible time for me.

  2. Chachi – you’re just jealous! 😛 I know how much you love it when we talk about fashion!

    Awhore – that’s so cool! I would love to go to a writing class!

    Belle – Thanks! 🙂

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